Content Type: Gaming News
Date: September 21, 2018

NEXT Studios, the developers of Death Coming have just released the reveal trailer for their latest dark, Wonderlandesque puzzle game, Iris.Fall. NEXT Studios and the Chinese video game indie publisher Zodiac Interactive, announced that the dark fairy tale adventure puzzle game will be heading towards Steam for November 2018.

After Iris wakes from a strange dream, she follows a black cat into an old and rundown theatre. As she explores the dark, and mysterious theatre she is transported to a strange maze of darkness and light. As the story progresses, it becomes clear that the theatre and everything in it, is somehow connected to Iris herself. Iris.Fall Screenshot 2

In Iris.Fall the player must solve a string of fiendishly clever puzzles, where lightness, and shadow are integral to the puzzles design. With each puzzle you solve, more of the story is uncovered. Will you be able to solve the mystery of the theatre and Iris’ connection to it?

Iris.Fall will be available through Steam, around November 2018. For more information, visit the Iris.Fall Steam page, and of course stay local to, we’ll bring you any further updates when they become available.


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