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Content Type: Gaming News
Date: June 21, 2019

The Pokemon Company have announced Pokemon Home, which is meant to bring all the players Pokemon together, wherever they play, including integration with the upcoming Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. Personally I have been waiting a while for something like this because at the moment my Pokémon collection feels a bit too scattered.

It’s planned for an early 2020 launch for iOS and Android. Pokemon Home will let players use Pokemon from the Nintendo 3DS’ Pokemon Bank, Pokemon Go, and from Switch games as well like Pokémon: Let’s Go and Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Pokemon Home will also allow for trading with players globally online, with friends, and with trainers nearby. Pokemon Home is an evolution from the Pokémon Bank that will let you put all your Pokémon in one place which personally most people prefer, and plus its pretty cool that I can show my kids my shiny collection in the future. The Pokemon Company plans to allow Pokemon Home to work with future content as well.

During this year’s Pokemon conference, The Pokemon Company also announced Pokemon Sleep, a Pokemon game that you play while sleeping; Pokemon Masters, a new upcoming mobile game, featuring famous trainers from the Pokemon universe; and a new Detective Pikachu game for Nintendo Switch.

Being someone who has played all the Pokémon games starting from the original Red Version these steps and development in the Pokémon universe is amazing. I remember trading and battling with link cables which kids today have no idea about, and now we can put all of our Pokémon from almost all the games in one place, not to mention battle and trade with the entire world…makes you think what’s next in the Pokémon franchise.

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