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Date: September 6, 2017

A week or so ago, we held a competition where you could get your hands on a steam key for the icy survival rpg game ICY: Frostbite Edition. Well, good news for all those who weren’t lucky enough to win last time, as we are now giving away 10 keys for ICY for you to claim via Gamejolt.com.

If you want to read what we think about it then pop over to here and read our review to take a quick look.

What did we think…?

“Graphically ICY: Frostbite Edition is a rather smart-looking game. Artistically it has a graphic novel, Fighting Fantasy novel feel about it. Combat is done with icons and not fully fledged action scenes, and most of the core game is done by click-through conversation cards, However, for what it is ICY holds up very well with a great story running through it.”

ICY Frostbite Edition Map Screenshot

This is what the Steam page says about it.

“ICY is a narrative-driven post-apocalyptic survival RPG set in a new Ice Age, where your life and the lives of your followers depend on every decision you make. Create your own character, using a detailed stat system that influences your abilities to hunt, travel, scavenge, communicate and lead, then begin a journey of survival across the White Wasteland.

It is up to you to take on the responsibilities of leadership and guide your newfound nomad family in their fight for survival. Do not take your role lightly, for each decision you make, each word you speak, ripples through the life of your community.

Take heed, for you and your clan are not alone in this frozen world. In addition to the elements and the wildlife you encounter, there will be loners and bands of miscreants to deal with. Decide carefully on whom to trust and how to react or the snow-covered landscape will become your icy tomb.”

To enter the sweepstake all you need to do is complete the form below, simple as that. Of course, if you want to increase your chances of winning then just tweet, follow or visit us using the same form. The hardest part is waiting until the winners are announced.

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Don’t forget you can Tweet about our sweepstake once every day to earn extra points. So keep coming back and sharing the joy.

You do not need a Gamejolt account to be able to enter the sweepstake. Winning entries will be sent a link for them to claim your prize, you will be asked to sign into an existing or create a new Gamejolt Account to claim your copy. Although this is a quick and easy process.

ICY Frostbite Edition Combat Screenshot

In short I cannot be bought, bribed or in any way influenced about who the winners are going to be. They are all picked randomly by a winner-picking robot from the future. A robot that cannot be argued with lest you wish your arms and legs vaporised. No seriously, I’ve seen it happen. It’s not pretty. It’s not worth thinking about really. Contest ends at 12:00am on 14th September, 2017. Winners will be chosen and notified via email shortly after this date.

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