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Content Type: Gaming News
Date: July 7, 2018

After a few weeks of being on the Nintendo Switch, X.D. Network Inc. announced that their platformer ICEY reached the top of the Japanese Switch games sales chart.

Brandy Wu, Director of business, development and indie game publishing for X.D. Network Inc. said in a press release that…

“We were pleased, surprised but also very excited to see ICEY top the Japan charts. We are now also hoping it fares well around the rest of the world. We are starting to build our profile now in the west and hope gamers will check out ICEY and enjoy the same experiences that their fellow gamers in Japan are currently experiencing. We have had some great reviews and feedback and hope this will continue”

Across all platforms, it has already sold over two million copies and should the current trend keep up it is likely to continue doing so.

ICEY is available on the Nintendo Switch and is available from all Nintendo Stores – US store $9.99, €8,39 EU store UK store £7.59, Japan store 1000 Yen.

Written by Joseph Wright

Joseph is a 20-year-old male who enjoys a variety of video game genres from shooters to strategy, not that he is any good at any of them. He has always enjoyed video games from his childhood as a dedicated Nintendo fan to his exploration of the PC gaming world, which started with Portal 2. Outside of gaming there really isn’t a lot to Joseph. He’d describe his personality as the hat he is wearing which doesn’t really provide a lot of information outside the fact he played too much Team Fortress 2 and picked up some bad habits.


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