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Date: September 8, 2018

HyperParasite is the latest addition to the ever-increasing release schedule, of the UK Indie publisher HoundPicked Games. The fast and frenzied twin-stick brawler, developed by the Spanish studio Troglobytes Games is already being developed on the PC, and now it adds the Nintendo Switch to its platforms.

Set in the dystopian future during World War III, you are Hyperparasite, a parasitic organism stomping its way across the earth, consuming massive amounts of people and using their soulless husks as hosts to cause even more death and destruction.

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Hyperparasite includes 5 main levels and 8 sub-levels, and as you would expect a massive boss fight will be waiting for you at the end of each level, assuming you can get past the mini-bosses that stand between you and them. With everyone taking to the streets, both criminal and law enforcement there is no shortage of things for you to snack on. Yet, there are few of them who are willing to be taken down without a fight.

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Dan Muir, CEO of Hound Picked Games has this to say “Hound Picked Games is happy to be working with Troglobytes Games, a small but very accomplished team who have already worked on a number of titles. Their vision for HyperParasite is commendable and we believe there is a huge collective of gamers who will find this title one that they will enjoy immensely. We have great faith in this title and Hound Picked Games will support it throughout until release in 2019!”

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Hyperparasite Features include…

  • A fresh twist on the genre: hop from one host body to another
  • 60 Playable Characters to Body-Snatch and utilise their attributes
  • Unique retro 3D-pixelated visual style
  • Original retro inspired synth-wave soundtrack
  • Cast+weapon includes
    • cops+guns
    • Werewolves+claws
    • robots+lasers
    • aliens and so much more
  • Procedurally generated levels that will play differently each time, challenging even the most seasoned of players
  • Extremely fun co-op mode: The humans thought one HyperParasite was bad, wait till they get a load of two of ’em.

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Stay tuned for more information on Hyperparasite when we have it.

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