Horizon Chase World Tour

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Date: March 18, 2018

A few days ago, the mobile racing game Horizon Chase World Tour received a huge free upgrade that dumps a whole load of new cars, tracks and other tweaks and benefits to the popular racing game that inspired a new retro racing franchise.

Horizon Chase World Tour is a homage to the classic arcade racers of decades past. The game has been downloaded over ten million times, so people certainly love the retro style and easily handled mechanics and playstyle. In a few months the franchise is going to hit the PC and consoles as Horizon Chase Turbo set to offer players the ultimate couch co-op experience with split-screen multiplayer across all game modes, including the campaign, tournament mode and endurance challenge.

The update for Horizon Chase World Tour includes:

  • Hawaii Cup – Retro tracks inspired by the beautiful landscapes and daunting weather across the tropical climate of Hawaii
  • Nine Spinetingling New Tracks – Zip through hairpin turns and rapid straightaways in nine new tracks designed to challenge even the most experienced Horizon Chasers
  • Two New Vehicles – Jump in the driver’s seat of two unique vehicles:
    • Janis –This car’s six nitro boosts will require strategic racing and coordination to maximize the speed.
    • Elite 275 – Accelerate to all-time highs in this top-out speedster
  • Bodykit Upgrade – Throw the bodykit on new and existing vehicles for added performance and all around good looks.

The update also offers a few platform-specific features, including:

  • iOS
    • iPhone X Support;
    • Cross-save support with Apple TV via iCloud;
    • Added ReplayKit for players to share their best times;
  • Android and Android TV
    • Added cross-save support with Android TV and Android phones via Google Play

If you want to take a look at Horizon Chase World Tour, you can download it from the Apple store and the Android Google Play store or alternatively you can find out more information from the Horizon Chase World Tour Official Website

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