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Date: November 9, 2018

Ever wondered how espionage works if you’re a root vegetable? I know I have, and thankfully those rather awkward dinner party conversations are coming to an end, due to the fourth instalment of the Holy Potatoes! Series “Holy Potatoes! A Spy Story” brought to you by Daedalic Entertainment and Daylight Studios.

Released a couple of days ago for the Windows PC and Mac, Holy Potatoes! A Spy Story makes you the mastermind of your own potato-based spy agency. Together with the twins Ren and Rexa, it’s your job to send your spies on missions, hoping to uncover the truth behind your parent’s disappearance, and just what an evil spy corporation has to do with anything. You’ll need to use all your intelligence, strength, stealth and charm to overcome all the obstacles, outsmart the enemy and infiltrate enemy spy HQ.

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Liberally scattered throughout are various legendary pop-culture secret agents such as Jamal Bond, Zombra and Ezio de Frenzy. Though to be as good as them will take everything your agency has to offer including genetic experimentation, training, crazy gadgets, vehicles and upgrading your HQ.

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Key Features

• Manage and train the best potato spies the world has to offer
• Encounter pop-culture legendary special-agent spuds
• Create new genetically modified potato spies with genetic splicing
• Meticulously plan secret missions and heists
• Customize, enhance and upgrade your spy agency
• Build crazy gadgets, vehicles, facilities and training stations
• Strategize your moves during mission planning to counter various obstacles

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“Holy Potatoes! A Spy Story?!” is available from Steam and GOG for $14.99 USD. Stay tuned to thezombiechimp.com for more info on all potato based espionage games.

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