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Date: December 2, 2019

Are you an avid gamer? Are you most comfortable playing a multiplayer game settled into your sofa? Maybe it’s time for a change. Retro is making a comeback, and here’s some of the benefits of revisiting some of our favourite nostalgic games.

Get Into The Story

Let’s face it, the graphics may have their own charm, but the stories have never been more interactive than with retro-gaming. Get fully immersed in the story and try interactive fiction, or IF, which dispenses with graphics entirely and allows you to explore a world in text. You will find yourself getting utterly into a world that you are building up in your mind, rather than solely staring at a set of fairly decent graphics. You can even have a go at writing IF yourself and plan out the world and story you want to create.


Fancy getting out of the house? No? Well, go anyway! Find a compromise between gaming and the great outdoors by walking down to your local arcade. Not only will you be pleasantly surprised at the sheer number of games, but you will also find a huge volume of retro games with an updated twist to bring in the modern gamer. Most new games like FX pinball will allow you to play aspects of the traditional game with a strong virtual element that draws you in for hours of gameplay. Or at least until you get chucked off by the next player.


We live in such an online, multiplayer gaming world now that revisiting the single-player can immerse you for hours. The bonus is you don’t have to share your victory with a team of players. Classic handheld consoles and early-90s games on GameBoy and Dreamcaster offer epic one-player games like Shining Force, where you set up your mages for a battle or explore the world around you without running into a teammate or being dragged into a battle you really, really don’t care about. You can complete challenges and feel a personal sense of achievement you don’t have to share. Lots of these classics have recently been renovated and re-released for Playstation 4, why don’t you compare both and see how they fare against the classics.

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With retro encompassing pretty much anything from the dawn of gaming to pre-2005, you have never had so much choice on what to explore. Whether you’re looking for an old school handheld or a classic arcade game, the world’s your oyster. You can find classic consoles sold online which aren’t always sold at ‘retro’ prices and offer you the chance to play new games if you’re bored of what is currently on offer, or better yet, check out your local discount retailer. 

Trying retro gaming is the perfect cure if you’re bored with current games and might not have the cash to fork out for the latest skyrocket-price game. Why not take a look back through the years and find the perfect retro game for you.

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