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Content Type: Gaming News
Date: September 7, 2019

Indie developer Le Cartel, with game label Devolver Digital have released the physics based-multiplayer game Heave Ho on the Nintendo Switch and PC. Cited as the leading contender for 2019’s Local Multiplayer Game of the Year (LMPGOTY).

The goal is simple, you and up to four other players have to try and avoid falling to your death. The way to achieve this rather simply yet crucial objective is to use your own hands, plus the outstretched grip of any of your co-players to grapple across each level. Grab body parts, climb across dangling bodies and swing your cohorts to safety. All in the name of preventing that drop to your death.

Aside from the limb grasping and swinging, your character is also highly customisable. You can kit them out with a variety of different articles of clothing and accessories.  After all, how else can you get your character to stand out, from the mass of tangled limbs and swinging bodies.

Heave Ho is available from the Nintendo Switch Store, as well as Steam, GOG and Humble for the PC. For more information visit the official Heave Ho site,

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