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Date: August 30, 2018

It’s been over a week since the latest Hearthstone expansion, The Boomsday Project was released. The latest expansion brings in not only 135 new cards demonstrating the weird and wonderful constructions of Dr Boom, but a new card mechanic, Magnetic and a brand-new solo mode called The Puzzle Labs. Let’s take a look at this new and unique take on a puzzle game.

The Puzzle Labs consists of 120 puzzles split across four different laboratories. Each laboratory has four different experiments ran by a different scientist that comprises of a number of puzzles.  Once you have completed the puzzles in one experiment, the next experiment opens giving you access to the more difficult puzzles of that laboratory. Once you have completed an experiment, you can go back and complete the puzzles again, but you must start from the beginning again.

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The puzzles essentially play out like a turn of Hearthstone, you have a number of mana crystals and set of cards that when used in the right order will help you complete the Laboratory objective. Sometimes, there are a few different ways of completing the puzzle but as you get on to the harder puzzles there is only one way, and the solution can be fairly complex.

Anyway, as mentioned previously, the Puzzle labs are split into four different laboratories, each one has a different type of puzzle, Mirror, Lethal, Board Clear and Survival.

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Mirror puzzles need you to ensure your side of the board to mirror the enemies’ side exactly, so everything from the type of enemies and their position on the board, down to the amount of health and attack they have.

For Lethal puzzles you have to take down the enemy hero, or in this case the scientist running the experiment. The hero can have varying levels of health but you must kill them to complete the puzzle.

Board Clear puzzles require you to completely clear the board of minions, including your own. Wipe the board clean of every living (or unliving) minion to solve the puzzle.

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Survival puzzles are the unnatural opposite of lethal puzzles. In Survival puzzles the experiment scientist needs you at full health so he can attack you with a powerful weapon that takes your health down by 29 hit points. Use everything at your disposal to heal like crazy so you can survive his onslaught.

At the end of each laboratory there are four further puzzles where you go against Dr Boom himself. Solve all 120 puzzles across all four laboratories and you get a Boomlabs themed card back for your time. Not too shabby.Hearthstone Puzzle Labs Screenshot 4



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