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Date: August 28, 2012

It was just announced that Bethesda will be releasing Skyrim’s second DLC named Hearthfire on Xbox LIVE September 4th and will be available for 400 points/$5.  Hearthfire will feature the ability to buy land and build a custom home using new tools likes the drafting table and the carpenter’s bench which are used transform stone and logs into building materials. It has also been said that players will be able to adopt children and hire stewards to make their homes a more lively place. Crafting tables and carriages can also be placed on a player’s property to allow for more functionality. Overall Hearthifre is a nice addition, just not what was expected.

The announcement of Hearthfire is being met with ambivalence from the fans of Skyrim expecting a much larger expansion focused on higher level content. After Dawnguard’s release received little praise, or none at all from Playstation 3 owners, Hearthfire was expected to add access to an additional province. Morrowind or Cyrodiil were expected to be a big part of Skyrim’s second DLC, unfortunately it seems fans of the series will be receiving nothing more than a simple housing mod.

The official Hearthfire trailer shows gardens, fish hatcheries and other add-ons players can use to customize their homes.

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