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Date: September 10, 2019

For those old enough to remember, the Sega Saturn was an interesting console that divided the world. Release at the latter part of 1994 / Early part of 1995, the Sega Saturn was a 32bit 5th generation game console, that was doomed in America yet revered in Japan. We’ve now come to realise that the Sega Saturn had essentially perfected 32-bit side-scrolling and vertical-scrolling shoot ’em ups, 2D fighting games, expansive JRPGs, and both 2D and 2.5D action platformers. The games have previously been notoriously difficult to emulate, however the Polymega a new module-based console system, has the right stuff to be able to do it.

The Polymega makes retro gaming simple, with its constantly increasing list of supported classic game cartridges and cd-based systems in high definition, while not relying on the past hardware to do so. It’s the system for retro gamers who want to experience the thrill of classic or retro games but not the slowdown of the native systems.

For example, take a look at In The Hunt, a Sega Saturn classic played on the Polymega.

Polymega Features

  • First CD-compatible retro console (playable only on base unit, no module required)
  • Limitlessly expandable modules for cartridge game support
  • Best in class input latency (under 1 frame of delay)
  • Install your games and create a beautiful digital library
  • Shop for digital releases
  • Connect and shop for games and more
  • HDTV-compatible light gun
  • Powerful Intel Coffee Lake S-based hardware at 3.1GHz
  • No complicated setup

Polymega is due to be shipped in quarter 4 of 2019, prices are going to be around the $300 mark for the base unit and around $60 dollars for the modules. If you want more information on Polymega or to pre-order, head over to their official site

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