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Date: July 12, 2019

War Never Changes. Well actually, It sort of does in a sense. Long gone are the days where endless platoons of highly trained military men and women, are sent to wage war across the bloody battlefields of the world. Oh no, now it’s all about highly weaponizing goats, dressing them up in a wide-variety of pop-culture outfits and getting them all to blow seven shades of…errr poop out of each other. That’s Goat of Duty in a nutshell, a goat-based shooter developed by Raiser Games and 34BigThings, and it’s now in Steam Early Access. And there are still a few days left to get a 15% discount.

This is what we’re talking about.

So, Goat of Duty is a fast-paced and intense multi-player first person shooter, well a first goat shooter. It keeps the carnage and combat simple. No complex strategies, special moves, combos or characters to learn. It’s all about you, your goat and huge amounts of high-powered weaponry, standing between you and total arena domination.

Once your opponents are nothing more than a smoldering pile of goat-smelling goo, then feel free to perform a humiliating victory dance over their rag-dolling remnants.

Goat of Duty has already been released on Steam Early Access, and if you get your hooves on and purchase before the 17th July, you can get a cool 15% discount, making it only £5.09 / $5.94 / €5,94 (£5.99 / $6.99 / €6.99 after the discount)

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