Ginger Beyond the Crystal Indie Shout Out

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Date: October 26, 2016


You may think that crystals are fairly innocuous. They’re kind of pretty and sparkly, and if you believe in Crystal Healing they can kinda make you feel better too. You wouldn’t think that they could blow up and destroy an entire town. Well, neither did Ginger the eponymous hero of Ginger Beyond the Crystal which has now only just been released on xBoxOne and PS4 but has a great 20% of the Steam version.

Ginger Beyond the Crystal is the brainchild of BadLand Games and squashes together a 3D platformer and simulation game all in one. Help Ginger to rebuild his town after that terrifying crystal explosion. You jump and leap like any self-respecting blue alien thing would do, across a weird and fantastical variety of landscapes and delve into dark and murky underground crypts and caves. All of which filled with a weird menagerie of dangerous creatures.

When you’re not jumping around all over the place, you help to rebuild the smoking ruins of your hometown, by placing lots of different houses and buildings.  This not only increases the land and property value of anyone looking to move into the area but also helps to heal the world as well. Nice!

Moisés Otero  the director and line producer at Drakhar Studio has this to say.

“We’ve always dreamed of creating our very own video games. Not even challenging economic conditions in Spain at the time could slow us down. Ginger: Beyond the Crystal brings together a number of core gameplay features from simulation and platform games — replacing the need to collect resources with awesome platformer puzzles.”

If you’re a PC owner and want to give Ginger Beyond the Crystal a try to take advantage of the 20% then head over to Steam here and download it. The xBoxOne and PS4 versions are available from all the usual places of course.

If you’re still ravenously hungry for Ginger: Beyond the Crystal information then head over to these places and fill your boots.

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