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Date: March 9, 2018

Ever wanted to know what it would be like to be the big bad boss guy? Have you ever watched a film or played a game and thought, man it must suck to be the baddie? Well, wonder no longer! Forgive Me My Henchmen is a brand new indie game that intends to answer just those kinds of thoughts. Leaping from the mind of the one man developer, Blake McDermott, comes this fun and quirky tower-defence game. What’s more, it is now looking for funding on Kickstarter. So, what exactly does this game entail?

So, to clarify. You don’t play as the hero. Int his scenario, you are the villain and you are trying to prevent the hero from reaching you. From the trailer, we can already see the sort of game that we will be getting. A humorous and witty take on those classic action films you always see. You know, the ones where the hero is seen as some macho man out for revenge or something. I love the idea that you will essentially be sending your henchmen in for the slaughter. Almost gives it a Lemmings-esque feel; sacrificing those for the greater good (or evil perhaps in this case.)

Anyway, it is a tower defence game that takes place over the course of 20 levels. Presumably it gets more difficult to stop the hero as you play along. The developer also promises witty dialogue and humour. So, if the trailer is anything to go by, then we’re in for a treat. Even the trailer is parodying action film trailers. And, I love it!

The Kickstarter for this game has already started and it needs your help! If you love everything about this genre then I suggest you go over there and give Blake your money. It isn’t easy being an evil overlord you know, there are bills to pay and don’t even get me started on all the compensation for the henchmen’s families. So, if you want to help fund a villain, now is your chance. You’d be giving to a great cause and the prizes are super fun too.

If you want to see more about the game then you can head on over to the website to read up about it. Knowing that Blake’s inspiration came from a university course is really an interesting story. And, seeing what that inspiration has turned into is even more amazing. I love the look and feel of this game. I don’t usually like tower defence games but I am seriously considering this one if just for the witty banter, brilliant art style and intriguing concept.

Now, go forth my minions and help fund this game!


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