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Date: July 1, 2017

A teaser trailer for Episode Ignis the third Episode of Final Fantasy XV’s dlc’s has been revealed, setting a release date for this coming December.

Like the previous Episode Prompto teaser at the end of Episode Gladiolus, the Episode Ignis teaser shows a dark and dreary tone following everyone’s favourite recipe creating mega quiff around the events of Alticia in the main games narrative.

Episode Ignis will be the final DLC episode planned to follow one of the games main cast members and rounds out the party episodes, though it will be followed by the planned multiplayer expansion comrades which will round out the games season pass content some time in 2018.

The end of the season pass content seemingly isn’t the end of planned DLC/new content for Final Fantasy XV, as Square Enix are currently conducting a survey to gauge players interest in future DLC’s including a possible Ardyn, Lady Lunafraya, Lucian Kings and many other proposed options that players can currently vote for.

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Square also recently revealed a PSVR experience for the game titled Monster of the Deep, that will focus on the games fishing mini game.

Square have also revealed that XV related content will be revealed at this years Gamescom, so perhaps expect a further trailer for Episode Ignis there.

As of now the recently released Episode Prompto became available this week, taking a more stealth and shooter take on the series combat, followed the party joker Prompto after being separated from the main party and confronted with his troubled past. (expect my review on said DLC some point this week)

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