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Date: June 1, 2019

Final Fantasy XIV keeps going from strength to strength. In fact, SquareEnix have announced that the game now has around 16 million players. For a frame of reference, that’s roughly the same number of people who live in Cambodia. It’s a lot. That’s not all they’ve also released both new trailers and more details around Shadowbringers.

That’s six years of fan-love and general adoration (Not bad considering where FFXIV started off), and it’s going to get even better with the release of it’s third major expansion, Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers which is heading your way on July 2nd.

Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida also revealed several new details for the upcoming expansion during the livestream, including:

  • Details on battle system changes, including the introduction of the charged action system.
  • Updates to the FATE system, side quests, as well the addition of role quests.
  • Adjustments to job synergy and rebalancing of jobs
  • Various quality of life changes and UI updates

There is of course a trailer that shows you some great new stuff, in this case it’s the new abilities for all jobs.

What else, well you can test your system by downloading and using the Shadowbringers official benchmark software. There’s even a character creator where you can view the playable characters, such as the Hrothgar and Viera races. Don’t worry any characters created within the Character Creator can be taken to the full game.

The official benchmark software can be downloaded from here: and the trailer for it, well that’s right here.

FINAL FANTASY XIV Online continues to deliver upon the promise of bringing the best of the FINAL FANTASY experience to the online realm and is currently available on Windows, Steam, the PlayStation4, and Mac. All editions of FINAL FANTASY XIV Online can be purchased through the Square Enix Online Store here:

Players may also pre-order all versions of Shadowbringers at the official pre-order website here:

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