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Date: December 26, 2016

When I first bought Overwatch, over six months ago I wrote this post explaining which of the three Overwatch heroes are my favourite and why. Well, I thought it would be fun to go through which three Overwatch heroes are my current favourites, and explain why certain characters have lost or gained my favour.

So, let’s have a quick look at which three were my favourites all those months back in June 2016.


This actually surprises me, as I suck at sniping. No I mean really suck at it. I could miss a head shot on a stationary target 10 feet away. I can only assume that I was in some way enamored with her French accent and leather-clad derriere. Widowmaker is certainly nowhere near my favourite Overwatch heroes list now.


He still has appeal. He teleports, has a skull mask and an ultimate ability that involves spinning and the guttural chant of “Die Die Die” but I can’t manage to get into close range, be accurate with my guns and stay alive at the same time. So, nope sorry Reaper you’re not there either.


I don’t choose healers as a first choice. I will if the team needs it and Mercy is always my first choice. I stand by the fact that she is one of the easiest healers to get to grips with. But no, Healers just aren’t my first choice now so she’s dropped from my favourites list.Old Favourite Overwatch Heroes Image

So it turns out my current top three is going to be completely different to six months ago. If you’ve read my previous Overwatch articles, then you can probably figure out which is number one on my favourite Overwatch heroes list. I’m putting them in reverse order though, so you’ll have to wait a little bit to find out.

OK, he’s probably considered to be a fairly basic almost default character, but even if that were true he can still dish out a steady amount of short – medium range damage and area of effect heal. Not to mention that he’s one of the quickest characters to get back into combat because of his fast run skill.

Not my first choice, but if the other two aren’t available I have no problem dropping to Soldier 76. You can find out more info on Soldier 76’s skills and tactics right here.

Sombra is the latest addition to the Overwatch heroes. She’s a damage hero with excellent hacking skills, and when she’s not gunning people down, then tremendous fun can be had disrupting the enemy skills and claiming health packs.

She can make or break matches by disabling Reinhardt shields as your team makes a push. Or teleporting in and nullifying everyone’s skills with her ultimate skill. Not to mention hacking health packs so that they recharge within only one or two seconds and the enemy can’t grab them. She is valuable and she is fun. Though a lot of her efficiency relies on being able to get close enough to use your hacking. God job she can turn invisible then eh?

You can find out more info on Sombra’s skills and tactics right here.

Ah Junkrat, you are without a doubt my favourite hero. I’m not sure whether it’s your Australian accent, or the ability to lob grenades over walls or bounce them down staircases that makes you so fun to play. So, if you get to close you tend to end up very dead, but if they don’t see you coming, you can level clusters of enemies in one or two grenades.

If there is any choice at all, I will pick Junkrat. You don’t need to worry about head shots or line of sight. Just get yourself in a fairly defended position up high, and spray bottlenecks with grenades until you see the little red skulls popping up.

You can find out more info on Junkrat’s skills and tactics right here.


So as you can see my favourite Overwatch heroes list has changed completely. Though that’s as it should be, as you play and as the meta changes you start to enjoy some heroes more and others not so much. Things are constantly changing and as new heroes are brought in and existing ones tweaked, I expect the list to change again. Will Junkrat stay at the top of my favourite Overwatch heroes list, I guess we’ll see.

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