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Date: July 20, 2019

It has been over three years in development, but Headup games are finally able to reveal Ede Tarsoly’s Magnificent Everreach: Project Eden is finally due to be released later this year. Everreach: Project Eden is a story-driven, 3rd person action rpg all set on the beautiful planet of Eden. PC and xBox One users only have to wait till September, but PS4 players will have to wait a little bit longer.

Ede Tarsoly, took his one-man development team and turned it into a five-man team. Plus 12 or so external freelancers. Together they took Ede’s dream and turned it into a massive, sprawling 3rd person rpg, with tactical ground combat. Fast mobile warfare, plus an intriguing and flexible skill and levelling system.

Not only that but he also got help from a very talented select group of people such as…

  • Mai-Anh Tran (An artist who worked on the Warcraft and Star Trek : Beyond movies) created Eden’s beautiful vistas
  • Michelle Clough (The former narrative QA and game writer for the Mass Effect trilogy) helped create the gripping story
  • D. C. Douglas (voice of ‘Legion’ in Mass Effect 2 and ‘Wesker’ I Resident Evil)  adds his talent to the cast of Everreach

You play as a member of the Everreach Security Division, on a mission to ensure that the colonization of Eden goes as planned and any mysterious incidents are investigated. As Nora Harwood, you must explore this large alien world, explore under and over ground to discover the mysteries and secrets of the long-forgotten civilization.

Everreach: Project Eden Features

  • Play as a highly trained security guard specialized in extra-terrestrial missions
  • Customize your skills and gear through a classical skill tree with over 80 upgrades
  • Engage in tactical battles, deploy force fields or use the environment against your foes
  • Immerse yourself in 8 hours of story from Michelle Clough, game writer and former narrative QA for the Mass Effect trilogy
  • Explore Eden’s beautiful vistas designed by Mai-Anh Tran, an artist who worked on movies such as WarCraft and Star Trek: Beyond
  • Hop onto your hoverbike to engage in high-speed vehicular warfare

Everreach: Project Eden will be released on PC Steam and Xbox One this September, but you’ll have to wait a little bit longer for the PS4 version which will follow a bit little later this year.

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