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Date: July 7, 2017

In a previous post, I mentioned the things that I wanted from the next Elder Scrolls game. After no announcement at E3 of a possible new story to the franchise, it got me thinking. As much as I enjoy Fallout 4, there are some aspects that concerned me. And, although I think Skyrim is one of the greatest games ever made, there were a few areas that need improvement. Of course, no game is perfect and Bethesda does know how to make a good game. But, the next Elder Scrolls really needs to step it up a notch or two. So, what can ES6 do differently?

The Story

Now, don’t get me wrong, the story in Skyrim was pretty decent. After all, it did have dragons. But, it didn’t feel as epic or heroic as it should have. Fallout 4 felt like it was giving you a choice but really it was quite limited. I have to say, after Oblivion, I was spoiled. The story seemed more rounded and thought out. At the end of it all, I actually felt like I had done something world changing. But, in Skyrim, after you defeat Alduin; well let’s just say anti-climactic is probably the word I would use. Especially since most of the game you spend fighting dragons anyway and the end fight, is just fighting another dragon. Okay, you get to fight it in Sovengard but you also get help, so it really doesn’t feel special. And, once you’re back in the real world, no-one even seems to care. You get no special reward or ceremony. And everyone just keeps moaning about the civil war.

In the next Elder Scrolls we need a bigger story. Something that will make us, the players, feel heroic and epic. At the end of Oblivion, I actually thought I had made a difference. I have to admit that they have given us some great side quests but in Skyrim, the civil war felt more like the main quest than the actual main quest. Let’s hope that the next main story is more like the old school games.

Or should I say, no voice acting. Of course, I don’t mean the NPCs, I mean for the main character. One of the biggest disappointments for me in Fallout 4 was the fact that the main character had a voice. It almost seemed to take away some of the magic of role-playing. In any Elder Scrolls game, being the protagonist that didn’t have a voice made it feel more personal. You could make up whatever voice you like and play the way you wanted. The speech options in Fallout 4 felt more limiting, almost that I had some of my role play already decided for me. I am hoping that the next Elder Scrolls isn’t spoiled by this. I can’t be the only one who still enjoys a silent (almost) protagonist.

I’m going to hark back to Oblivion for this one because quite honestly, it has some fantastic characters. Even some of the smaller characters you actually cared about. The villain was even enjoyable and, despite being a complete nut-job, I really liked him as a character. Jauffre, Baurus and Martin were also characters I cared about. I genuinely got upset when they died throughout my gameplay. I couldn’t name a single character that I actually cared about in Skyrim. Not even the companions were that great and if they died, well there were plenty of others to replace them. Fallout 4 went too far the other way because your companions can’t die, it doesn’t ever feel that they are in any danger. I want more rounded main characters and a villain I can love to hate. Although, I do have to admit that there were a few companions in Fallout 4 that I did adore, Nick Valentine as one example. The next Elder Scrolls needs to step up its game in this regard. If you can give me characters I care about, I will actually try my hardest to keep them alive.

Okay, so the crafting system in Skyrim was pretty solid. It was simple and it worked. Even the crafting system in Fallout 4 wasn’t too bad. But, what Bethesda needs to keep in mind for Elder Scrolls VI is that they can’t just repeat what they did in Fallout. My hope is that they won’t take too many building elements from the Fallout franchise and try to make them work in the Elder Scrolls franchise. I wouldn’t mind some form of building, just as long as I don’t have to defend my settlements. If they do make that the case, well then my townsfolk can just deal with bandit raids all the time. I want to adventure and sell my loot for hoards of cash and then buy the biggest house in the game. Not have to worry if my settlements have enough food or beds.

It will be interesting to see what Bethesda brings to the table when the next Elder Scrolls game does come out. What do you think it will be like? Is there anything you are hoping they leave out or keep in? Let us know.

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