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Date: June 12, 2017

So we’re a little over halfway through e3 2017 and we’ve seen some great stuff from Microsoft and EA, now it’s Ubisoft’s turn. What have they brought to the table?

First off the bat we look at an interesting merge of Super Mario brothers and Rabbids, called Mario + Rabbits Kingdom Battle exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. The story being that the Rabbids have been teleported to the Mario Kingdom which has made the world unstable. Mario, being the nice guy that he is agrees to help. Mario + Rabbids is a tactical adventure game. The combat against evil Rabbids sees you using and destroying the environment, to take out your enemies. There’s even pipes to move you across the battlefield and move you to a better position. As you play you unlock better moves and better weapons to help you save the World, those poor evil Rabbids Don’t stand a chance.

In short, it looks pretty interesting and is likely to be a popular Nintendo Switch game for all you Mario fans.

Another in the great Assassin’s Creed franchise, this time an origin story set in ancient Egypt. Assassin’s Creed Origins is filled with all the usual goodness you’d expect from an AC game this time set against a backdrop of pyramids, mummies and a heck of a lot of sand. From the gameplay we saw the use of a personal eagle to explore the surrounding area, and scan local camps.

Hop in a variety of vehicles from cars, bikes, speedboats and aircraft. We were treated to a couple of video’s that demonstrated how each vehicle type would look and handle. It looked beautiful, and looks set to give racing game fans who want that bit more just what they’re looking for at the early part of 2018. Storyline-wise? God knows, but is that really all that important. Sign up for Beta Access on thecrewgame.com/beta.

The fantastically foul-mouthed kids from South Park are back in a new adventure, available around October 17, and the trailer looks awesome and laugh-out-loud funny.

A creepy and mentally disturbing trailer for followed next, for a game called Transference for Spring 2018. protect your mind you never know who’s putting what in there.

Set in the 18th Century, the pirate-filled game of Skull & Bones comes with a cargo-hold full of naval combat. Ubisoft Singapore claims to have taken Naval combat to the next level. Play as a lone player or multiplayer with friends to rule the seas and become the greatest pirate kingpin. We saw the gameplay from a PvP 5 person match, and I’m curious to know if naval combat will be enough to float this game for long. It looks nice, and has some interesting mechanics revolving around understanding wind speed and proper use of cannon fire but is that enough? You can sign up for beta access at skullandbones.combeta if you can’t wait till fall 2018 for its release.

Well, it’s South Park so expect the usual craziness and from Trey and Stone’s bunch of kids. this time a combat game where you pit various teams of characters against one another, cowboy’s princesses, clerics, pigeons etc.

In Starlink you build your own custom starship and adapt and change it as you explore. Collect the toys and they correspond to in-game parts. Buy and build both literally and virtually.

The game that many people will be anxiously waiting for news upon and Ubisoft delivered what we wanted. Set in Hope County, Montana, FarCry 5 pits you against a fanatical cult that have set up in that sleepy old town. You and your guns-for-hire and going to save it.

We saw some nice gameplay videos and the sleepy southern American town looked quaint and messed up at the same time. Violence, psychopaths and some bullet-spraying goodness, a crop-spraying plane, a sniper and a nice cute little doggy. What more could you possible want?

A cockney-simian thief with a bionic hand set in a futuristic world? Sure, why not?

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