PC Gaming Show E3 2017 Ann

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Date: June 12, 2017

Intel paid for a massive PC Gaming Show, and in between talking about beefy processors and telling us exactly how many teraflops we should want, they managed to talk about some games. So here are the highlights of another press event.

Xcom 2: War of the Chosen

Xcom 2’s next expansion will launch on August 29th, and focus on taking down three Alien champions called The Chosen. The three champions, the Assassin, Hunter, and Warlock, will be encountered multiple times throughout the campaign and grown and learn each time the face the player. In order to take down this new threat, you’ll need to recruit the help of other resistance factions like the Reapers and the Templars. Also, Zombies called the lost because what’s a video game without zombies.


We also got another trailer for the Doublefine game being compared to the likes of Pokemon and Harvest Moon. The trailer shows off character customization and some Animal Crossing style home decor.

Total Warhammer

Total Warhammer got a September 28th release date and they premiered some in-game footage from the new Quest battle mechanic, the scenario shown off is playable on the E3 floor.

Player Unkown’s Battlegrounds

The Player Unkown, Brandon Green made his second press conference appearance. Announced some big new features coming to PUBG.

  • Climbing and vaulting
  • More dynamic weather
  • Two new maps
  • New Weapons


Killing Floor 2: Summer Sideshow

Tripwire Interactive announced the first timed event coming to Killing Floor 2. The event starts tomorrow and will last one month, adding 5o new carnival themed cosmetic items and lots of clowns to shoot.


Bohemia Interactive, the creators of Arma and DayZ, showed off a very different looking sandbox game called Ylands. What at first looked like another island survival simulator quickly skews into a huge engine for creating your own games. The simple art style is also pretty nice.

Lone Echo

If you wanna get technical Oculus title, Lone Echo is two games. The first game is a narrative one where you play an AI voiced by Troy Baker aboard a space station. You’ll use your hands to propel yourself off of objects through zero gravity. The second game is Echo Arena, which will use the same mechanics in an Esports title about getting a disc in a goal in zero gravity. Echo Arena will be free for a limited time at launch.



Cliffy B came out to give us some news on his antigravity shooter LawBreakers. The game will enter open beta on June 30th and finally exit beta for an official release on August 8th at $29.99


Chucklefish, the studio behind Stardew Valley showed off their new game Wargroove. Think of Wargroove as the Advanced War game Nintendo won’t make us. Today we got a look at the map and campaign maker features.


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