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Date: June 13, 2016

Being a PC Gamer, the PC Gaming Show has always been one of my favourite parts of E3, it always gives me so much information about all  the new games and MMO’s  and the PC Gaming Show at E3 this year is proving to be no different.

This is what they covered in the E3 2016 PC Gamer Show…


Dawn of War 3 will be taking the epic battles of Dawn of War and the elite heroes of Dawn of War 2 and mixing in some new mechanics of it’s own. In the game-play trailer we saw some pretty neat footage of Temple canyon and Planet Acheron, and various battles between the Elder and Space Marines and it looked like the tabletop game I’m familiar with. The drop-pod mechanic looks pretty cool and lets not speak of the space laser the end game ability for the Space Marines a giant controllable killer laser. Pretty cool right? Full footage of the E3 mission shown will be available on June 24th. keep ’em peeled.

Giant Cop is an odd VR game, that looks like stop-frame animation where you get to play a , yep you guessed it, a giant cop. Play as a disembodied hand and clean up that beach from all the bad people and hippies, hell even drop a bomb on ’em. I would certainly like to give this one a go?

Oxygen Not Included, from Clay Entertainment their latest title is a colony simulator with a wonderful scratched animation look. Worth keeping an eye on.

The PC Gaming Show showed us the Redwood level of ARK: Survival Vault an impressive FPS / base building dinosaur game that embraces the modding community. One of the latest mods added has created a mod (due in July) where you live off the land and completely removes the tech aspect. Wanna go back to basics well you can. Another mod you can play as any animal in the game and they’ve even added a mating and a poop button, what more could you need? A game that’s so varied it’s practically a sandbox. Studio Wildcard remains a big community developer.

Mount & Blade 2 : Bannerlord returns with more sword swinging and catapulting sandbox goodness. If you loved Mount & Blade then you’ll love the sequel which keeps its open world ideas. Mount & Blood 2 brings bigger and better sieges with ballista, and destructive environments, as well as different ways to attack each castle.  From bombarding the castle to the FPS castle attack, you can be part of everything from attacking the battlements to climbing the siege towers. Plus, if the game isn’t quite to your liking you can mod it too.

LawBreakers is an arena style FPS set in a zero G environment, like Overwatch each character has a different weapon, skill, style etc. but also a different way to move, do you fly, swing, teleport, leap. The public Alpha will be starting on June 18th, so if you want to help bring balance to the game, keep an eye out for this. In short, and at their own admission, LawBreakers is the Mortal Kombat to Overwatch’s Streetfighter II. It’s an Arena game to look out for.

AMD Discussed the new technology we will be seeing next year. Specifically they showed us some running on Polaris and let me tell you it looked good. I was a little jealous and according to the CEO of AMD it will be affordable to 84% of gamers which is good news. The VR Backpack is, as it sounds a VR backpack and visor with the PC contained within the backpack. So garotting yourself with your headphone cable will no longer be an issue. You can walk around in VR without restriction. They also showed us  Serious Sam VR due for release later this year that had all the Serious Sam humor you’d expect.

We saw some game play footage of Vampyr from Don’t Nod, a blood sucking third person action RPG in which you play a confused and new vampire, presumably discovering a new purpose in his afterlife and having tremendous fun killing his enemies to boot.

On the PC Gaming Show Tripwire Entertainment announced new content for Killing Floor 2. Bullseye brings in more weapons and deaths and ability to play the Zed’s. The footage we saw showed us, the Voltar Manor and Return of the Patriarch content packs, as well as the new sharpshooter perk and plenty of new maps. Anna Sweet from Occulus was brought on stage to announce a new game called Killing Floor Incursion which will be released exclusively for the Occulus Touch and Super Hot VR a matrix-style shooter game.

Observer from Bloober Team is a Survival Horror game that has all the trademarks of a nerve-shattering experience, flickery lights, creepy shadows and flashes of light that reveal strange figures in the doorway. The premise is that you, as a member of the special police unit whose job it is to hack people’s minds and fears, and those fears then turn against you. It’s a deep horror game with puzzle elements. The trailers themselves were enough to make my heart race, I don’t think my heart can deal with playing the actual game.

Sparkypants talked about their new RTS game Dropzone that combines the strategy of an RTS with the fast pace of an FPS. Control three fighters, selected before the game starts and race to beat the fifteen minute timer.

Dual Universe from Novaquark is looking to be the next big Space Sim where all constructions and ships are built-in game. Build your own spaceships and bases and fly through space, like you own it. Everything from houses to cities can be built and everybody plays in the same world at the same time, so instances no loading screens, no multiple servers, space belongs to everyone. You also have personal growth, development and impacts. You can become famous, you can win wars, you can even create a popular spaceship that everyone loves that makes you rich. It looks like a game that has a lot of flexibility and the Alpha is due to open at the start of 2017, but if you don;t want to wait that long they’ll be opening up the servers for character and guild creation before then.

Halo Wars 2 is the latest from 343 Industries. Released on PC on February 21st 2017. Halo Wars 2 is an action RTS strategy game where you can have a lot of fun “blowing things up”. What more do you need, the game is beautiful and brings the halo Wars franchise faithfully to the PC. Apart from bringing the standard multiplayer modes (Deathmatch etc.), Halo Was 2 will bring in some new and surprising modes as well, which they were quite tight-lipped about but we’ll hear of nearer to the release date.

New World Interactive surprised everyone with the name of their second game  released on early access July 2016. A World War 2 themed FPS called Day of Infamy.

One of the last guests in the PC Gaming Show was Torn Banner Studios who showed us an arena PvP game called Mirage that brought swords and magic and not guns and missiles. A game which relied more on judging your appointments movements and avoiding them than just firing from a distance. Mirage has a number of characters each with different strengths and weaknesses. Due for release August 2016.


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