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Date: June 14, 2016

Would you look at that? It appears Sony have been cooking up a secret stew in the form of “Days Gone” a new IP from Bend Studios, often lauded for their creation of the acclaimed Syphon Filter series. Set in an apocalyptic zombie infested world, the game appears to have taken some inspiration from Naughty Dog’s “Last of Us” in that the focus appears to be placed on the characters and the story they are trying to tell.

Days Gone will be an open world game, allowing you to explore the lush yet disheveled Pacific Northwest as you attempt to outrun savage virus ridden”feral creatures“. The idea of a vast explorable world is particularly exciting in this case as the player is put into the shoes of “Deacon St. John“, a member of a post apocalyptic motorcycle club.

Having the ability to drive around such a rich and detailed world on a Harley sounds fantastic and there seems to be a great deal of verticality and diversity to the environment as we see in the trailer,  from rugged mountains to deep and forested basins, all of which look like they’d be a blast to ride around and just look at in all their Unreal 4 glory!

The game will also feature a crafting system that hasn’t yet been specified, but how great would it be to see some Mad Max style bike upgrades?

Days Gone is a Playstation 4 exclusive with no definitive release date, but after seeing the trailer I’m sure it’ll be worth the wait.

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