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Date: February 24, 2019

We’ve already spoken of Konrad Vollen and Elontir, now it’s time for me to introduce you to the third character in the Games Workshop hack-n-slash game developed by Big Ben Games. Bragi Axebiter, a Dwarf Trollslayer is the next champion to pick up a weapon all in the name of defending his land and destroying the hordes of Chaos.

Bragi Axebiter, is a Dwarf Slayer who after taking his oath is seeking to cleanse his honour by finding a large and formidable opponent and taking him on.  If he dies in glorious combat then his honour is restored, if not, there’s always someone bigger and tougher for him to challenge.

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Despite his small stature, Bragi is a mobile fighter, able to launch himself into the midst of combat. This is best shown by his unique ability of throwing his axe into a target and then leaping onto whatever poor creature it’s stuck in, large or small, taking it down then leaping again to take down his next foe.

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As with all the other characters in Chaosbane he has a unique skill by way of the Bloodlust meter. Kill enough enemies, fill your Bloodlust meter and unleash the powerful and often deadly skill. Bragi, the Trollslayer, through worship of the Slayer’s Ancestral god, has access to a unique tree filled with overpowered spells.

Chaosbane is the first Hack n Slash game set in the Warhammer Fantasy battles world. Set around the conflict between the hordes of chaos and the races defending their lands from the onslaught. Humans, High Elfs, Wood Elves and Dwarfs battle the minions of Chaos across iconic fantasy world locations, in a universe that’s synonymous with Games Workshop.

Warhammer: Chaosbane is being released on PS4, xBox One and the PC from around the 4th June, 2019, though owners of the Magnus Edition will get their hands on it a little sooner, on May 31st.

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