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Date: August 8, 2018

Diner Bros is a hectic cooking and restaurant management sim game, developed by Jayfl Games, and they’ve recently added a new artist Special Customer with the latest patch. Thought it was tough before? Just wait till these hipsters start arriving with all their off-the-wall requests and weird hats.

This is the second update released into the game by Jayfl Games since its release, and both of the changes here are the result of direct feedback from the community. There’s the new artist special customer, as well as five new achievements to go for, including one that was created specifically to honour the popular streamer NorthernLion. The first patch also implemented two important features: mouse controls and an easy mode both of them under request of the community.

If you’re not already playing, what is Diner Bros. In Diner Bros you will have to cook and serve orders quickly while you deal with your regular patrons and special customers. You also manage your restaurant, upgrading it to get better equipment and new recipes to expand what you can offer in a single player campaign that will put your skills to a test. You can also hire staff to help you out… or ask your friends to work as your waiters in 2-4 couch co-op!

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Key Features

  • Cook and serve meals as fast as you can to keep your customers happy!
  • Manage and upgrade your restaurant until you’ve earned the coveted 3-star award
  • Get new equipment and learn recipes to offer new main courses and side dishes
  • Attend different special customers such as the runners, construction workers, punks, and food critics
  • Make your business grow in the single player or co-op campaign with 3 main levels
  • Test your skills in 12 challenge levels
  • Hire more staff if you’re playing the single-player campaign…
  • …or ask your friends to help you out in the frantic and hilarious 2-4 couch co-op action!

You can get hold of Diner Bros by going straight to their Official Steam page here.

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