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Date: February 26, 2018

Deep Sixed is the latest title to be released from Indie Games developer, Little Red Dog Games. Launched a few days ago on Steam, Deep Sixed is stated to be perfect for any Star Trek and Spore fans out there.

You’ll play as a convict, working off the rest of his sentence in a single craft with only an AI for company. This is a game about engineering, Artificial intelligence and the tenacity of the human spirit.

Astra Interstellar Solutions, the large conglomerate corporation that owns the ‘Space-Folding’ technology is desperate to explore an uncharted nebula, MG251. However, exploring vast uncharted quadrants of space costs money, and they found it was far cheaper to send out convicts and other society ‘undesirables’ to do their exploring for them for free. Horrah, problem solved!

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This is you. As ‘The Pilot’ you’re given a small spacecraft, a dodgy space scanner and an AI with a slightly stunted IQ. This is what you have to face the vast unknown with. Your job is to explore as much of this uncharted territory as much as is humanly possible. The journey will be fraught with many dangers– and it’s up to you to keep everything running smoothly. Ship parts can break down at any time– and they’ll do so catastrophically when you least expect it.

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When your ship isn’t falling apart around you, there are bizarre and interesting alien species to find. Whether you attack them head-on with lasers or study their habits is entirely up to you. Unlock and equip upgrades along the way to increase your odds of survival.

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Ryan Hewer (Project Director, Little Red Dog Games) says  “With Deep Sixed, we wanted to develop a game where players felt like authentic space engineers – learning how their spacecraft operates and applying that experience to solving complex issues that go way beyond pressing ‘E’ to repair a core system or two. Other games might have you play the role of the stalwart space-captain righting wrongs and seducing attractive alien species. Deep Sixed is a love-letter to the Scottys, Geordis, and O’Briens of world – armed with nothing but a space wrench and a roll of duct tape.”

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  • Manage a ship without an “undo” button; if something breaks, it’ll stay broken until it’s fixed.
  • Dive into a universe of procedurally-generated mysteries.
  • Explore an ecosystem of intergalactic fauna – each with its own predator, prey, and scavenger species.
  • Tackle a steep difficulty curve that will push your ability to stay cool under pressure.
  • Partake in a compelling story of friendship and compassion – with plenty of surprises and heart-warming moments.

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Deep Sixed is available on Steam for Windows, Linux and Mac for $12.99. Buy it before the 26th February 2018 for 25% off the retail price.

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