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Date: May 5, 2018

If you’ve been following the horrific asymmetrical multiplayer Daemonical developed by Fearem, then you’ll be very glad to know that it’s going to hit Private Alpha next Wednesday the 9th May, 2018.

Fearem say that…

“Daemonical offers more than your average demonic experience…..it offers a modern action set on a remote island, offering a take on the horror movie classics in which you will never know who to trust or what lingers in the darkness. As one of a group of humans, you confront a demon in-game sessions lasting up to 20 minutes and playing the Demon is also a facet of the game if you are randomly chosen. Rituals, weapons, strategy, seek and kill are all part of this epic and thrilling game. Be prepared to be shocked… be prepared to face your Demon…”

The private Alpha will be in stages, adding more and more people to the Alpha test after every critical fix. 2000 people will be given access in the first wave, eventually giving access to the 9000+ people who have applied. Fearem listened and taken all of your feedback on board.

They’ve taken a look at their character customisation screen. They’ve also taken their character models and given them a redesign, with extra character shading. They have also implemented a dynamic blood/dirt/sweat system. Now your character will get sweat and get dirty as they adventure through the forest. If it rains or they swim in water the blood and dirt will wash away.

Player feedback is of the utmost importance to Fearem, and they’re going to keep listening to its fans and its players. With the introduction of the Alpha test, this is bound to lead to more player lead changes and improvements to the game.

Stay tuned to ZombieChimp.com for more Daemonical info when we have it.

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