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Date: June 19, 2018

Fans of the Command & Conquer series will be interested to know that Command & Conquer: Rivals will be coming to IOS and Android. Command & Conquer: Rivals will take advantage of a mobile devices touch interface that will give players complete control over their armies during head-to-head battles.

Michael Martinez, General Manager of Redwood Studios, wants to bring his vision to life while still having skill and strategy take center stage.

“As huge fans of the strategy genre, we wanted to build a great RTS on mobile. Rivals embraces the spirit of the Command & Conquer franchise and reimagines gameplay to deliver our vision. Rivals is specifically designed for mobile, so we’re giving players quick, head-to head live battles with continuous unit control, where skill and strategy reign supreme. The Google Play Pre-Alpha test allows us to put the game in the hands of our players earlier. We can’t wait to hear what they think and will use our players’ feedback to make Rivals better. We, the development team, are committed to delivering a fun, fair, and competitive experience for all players.”

Mobile controls will allow players to focus on high-level strategy while simultaneously engage in tactical battle. Each that a player finds himself will require different planning with the proper use of infantry, high-level tanks, aircraft, and hi-tech behemoths. Either the Global Defense Initiative or The Brotherhood of Nod are the choices of player faction. Command & Conquer will also have customization and upgrading system that will give any player a leg up over their opponents.

As of today, players can register at to get the latest news and the worldwide release date for Command & Conquer: Rivals. US and Canadian players who pre-register will be able to play the Pre-Alpha Version of the game.

Raise an army, control your forces and dominate rivals in Command & Conquer: Rivals for Android and IOS.

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