Circle Empires 21

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Date: September 14, 2018

Circle Empires, the circular island based, real-time strategy PC game developed by Luminous and Iceberg Interactive has just received a massive content patch.  Like most Circle Empires patches, this one is jam-packed with changes and improvements but also includes new units, buildings and locations. If you’re a Linux user then you’ll be pleased to know that Circle Empires will receive full Linux support later this month

Circle Empires was released on 8th August for both PC and MAC, and is already racking up the positive reviews on Steam. So, not wanting to lose any momentum, the latest massive content update adds the following…

  • A new unit, Hammerman
  • Leaders will now have appropriate workers for their species, the Pumpkin King will have pumpkin workers etc. Oh, and now zombies will also function as workers.
  • Buildings that spawn dragons and wizards are now included
  • Two new biomes have been added, Dragon Lairs and Wizard Studies
  • New rare biome variations with massive and powerful armies of hostile units are included.
  • The difficulty has been increased for Easy and Normal mode, giving each difficulty even more monsters to fight.
  • Korean localisation
  • …the standard array of bug fixes, unit and leader balancing and UI improvements.

Circle Empires Screenshot

The full patch note list is available on the Circle Empires forums.

If you want to give Circle Empires a try then head over to the official Steam store page and give it a shot for $7.99

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