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Date: March 9, 2017

As many of you are no doubt aware, a cat’s education is very important. If you don’t get all your feeding bottles lined up and your kittens neatly put in a row, there’s no way they’ll make it through to Kitty-university. Without a proper feline education how on earth are they going to make it into outer space. What? No, I’m not mad… well, I am but the above is the basic premise of Catomic a group-em-up puzzle game released on iOS and Android by On-5.

We’ve been invited to take a look at, have a good old scratch around and test our claws on the iOS version. Oh, and I’ll try to lower the level of cat puns going forward.

So what do you have to do in Catomic?  You start off by placing milk bottles on to a board. Group three or more of them up and they become a little kitten in a box. Line three or more of these kittens up and they become a kitten in school. Line three of these up and they become something else etc. etc. etc.

With only a limited amount of grid space and an endless supply of bottles, cats and buildings to place you soon find yourself needing to be strategic with where you place everything.  Watch out for mice though? That’s right, as what I can only be described as a table-turning event, if a mouse shows up you have to place it on your board, and it scurries around getting in your way and occupying a whole square. Darn pesky rodents.

Catomic Screenshot

Sure, you can trap them and cage them but only true education can remove them altogether. So if you drop a mortar board on to them they’ll disappear. Giving you one more valuable square to place something on.

As long as these rodents don’t cause you a problem and you successfully group more and more items you will eventually see your kitties conquering the skies and then finally space.

If you sign up on the app, you can get sent a genuine Catomic postcard for your trouble. Nice.

If all this sounds like fun, then you can download Catomic from the Google Play and Apple Store for your android and iOS device.

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