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Date: May 28, 2019

I haven’t played many Boxing games recently. I think my last was Punch Out on the NES in the late eighties. So it was quite a nod to my nostalgia to be told about Boxing Champs, a top-down arcade-style Boxing game developed by Raz Games. It’s due for release on Steam on Thursday 30th May, so only a couple of days from now.

So, apart from feeling like a top-down Punch-Out, Boxing Champs also looks the part. The graphics are retro (almost South Park like) without resorting to old-school 80’s pixilation. Despite the cartoony visuals, the control method allows the player to direct punches, knockouts and combo’s in any direction.

Each round consists of three bouts, either single player of local multiplayer (online will be available soon) across a variety of glamourous and low-key locations. Take your custom boxer (or simply choose from one of 30 presets) and jab, hook and uppercut your way to delivering the final knockout blow and become the undisputed World Champion.

Key Features

  • Create your perfect boxer from 30 presets or by creating your own with over 70 hairstyles, hair colour, skin tone, body type, gloves, shorts, and boxer stats
  • Knock-out four champions, claim their belts to grab the title.
  • Button-driven control method, or analogue stick controls
  • Multiple arena’s to box in, from a glitzy Las Vegas to the Downtown Gym
  • Career mode, take your boxer from zero to hero
  • Single or multiplayer modes available
  • Old school cartoon graphics without pixel art

Boxing Champs will be available on Steam from Thursday, May 30 for only $10.49, having 30% off. On June 6, the game will return to its original retail price of $14.99.

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