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Date: November 21, 2019

To say BioWare’s multiplayer online shooter Anthem had a bit of a rocky start would be quite an understatement. Mostly because the game never really got all that better; especially with continued technical and development issues from day one. One would think maybe now would be the time to throw in the towel, move on to a brand new, hopefully better title, but not for Bioware and EA as now they’re reportedly planning on revamping the title.

According to Kotaku the plans has apparently been in the works for some time now. Kotaku also states that the project is currently referred to as ‘Anthem Next’ or ‘Anthem 2.0’ based on the names this would suggest Bioware has big plans for the title. There will apparently be several changes including quests, difficulty, loot and much more. It’s also been reported that both the Edmonton and Austin Bioware teams have been tweaking the game to see what would be a better fit and what would not, including mission structure, maps and overall functionality.

There’s currently no news on when this new version will be available, as discussions are still ongoing for how this new format will be delivered. It might be slowly integrated as multiple updates down the line or as a huge 2.0 update, some speculate it could be a brand new release of its own as a new game or an expansion. As a new game or expansion, current players might have to pay full price for it, which isn’t ideal.

It seems Bioware won’t give up on the online shooter. This admittedly is quite strange for EA as the publisher is known for abandoning games, cutting losses and shutting down studios all together when the profit is less than expected. So this is quite new for them. We’ll just have to wait and see how much better this “Anthem 2.0” will be from the original.

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