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Date: March 9, 2019

One thing I do give Bioware credit for is their communication and transparency to their fans. Just like Digital Extremes does with Warframe, Bioware have aimed to have a livestream every two weeks or so which is a brilliant idea for a live service game.

They recenty had another livestream for Anthem on March 6th in which all they talked about where the fixes they will be rolling out on a patch on March 12th. And boy, are there a lot of fixes in this patch, some fixes are very much needed.

Here are all the fixes due in the patch for March 12th.

  • Lots of general crash fixes including the one that’s shutting off PS4s. BioWare says that no PS4s have been permanently damaged from the issue, which some have claimed, but the shutoff problem should be fixed.
  • They addressed the recent viral meme bug of the level 1 rifle outperforming endgame weapons.
  • Added a 30 second respawn timer to many sections in missions where you can respawn yourself if your teammates won’t.
  • You will be able to launch missions from anywhere in the Fort rather than walking all the way to your Javelin.
  • Crashing into walls/overheating will have some reduction in the animation time to get back on your feet.
  • Common and Uncommon items will stop dropping after level 30.
  • They think they’ve fixed a lot of the bugs that have to do with dead Quickplay missions.
  • There’s now a “random stronghold” option.
  • They think they’ve fixed most situations which cause the sound cutting out bug.
  • Server shutdown messages will be less annoying.
  • Glitches that lock people behind walls should be eliminated.
  • Bug that made it look like your ultimate bar is full is gone.
  • You can prime Titans and you’ll do more damage to them overall.
  • Mark of Ruin works now.
  • Gunslinger’s Mark works now.
  • Melees and Ultimates should do more damage now at higher levels.
  • Ranger grenade cooldown component works now.
  • Wind wall and Ranger dome actually block damage now in higher difficulties.
  • Base damage of Masterwork weapons bumped generally.
Anthem Screenshot

Some of the issues they talked about working on but that are not in the patch for march 12th are-

  • Difficulty balancing in GM2/3.
  • Stats page
  • Masterwork support gear and new support items
  • More world events
  • More changes to respawning/being downed
  • the speed of store rotation.
  • There wiill be chests that drop cosmetics in strongholds at some point.
  • Drop rates being looked at but they’re waiting to see how Common/Uncommon removal goes.
  • The health bug was first claimed to be addressed, then they backtracked and said it wasn’t. Ben first said it was only a visual issue and not to worry, but then went back and said that no, it isn’t just visual and you are taking more damage with fewer health bars.
  • They are looking at Ranger, which they admit is weaker than other classes. (Personally I don’t think so!)

So there you have it! All the fixes that the community have talked about are mostly there and this a very good news for Anthem fans. I know we have to stop getting games at an unpolished and broken state but we have to play the hand of cards we’re dealt with so since we have Anthem already all we can do as a community is work together to make this good game even better.

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