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Date: June 1, 2018

The BIG (Brazil Independent Games) festival 2018 is nearly upon us. This is a festival that has run for six years now and each year they invite some of the best from around the industry to speak. This year, some great indie developers will be there to give talks.

BIG festival lecture

Chris Remo, the designer and composer for Firewatch will be there to discuss narrative in games. His talk is called “Firewatch: Narrative Design is Game Design” and will revolve around creating narratives without the need for other game mechanics. Chris Remo will explain how developer Campo Santo learned from different game genres in order to “maintain player interactivity and carve out a unique space in the story game genre.”

There will also be talks from the Assassin’s Creed Origins development team about how external devs Spearsoft helped bring the game to fruition. Isabelle Bismuth from Ubisoft and Alan Van Slyke from Spearsoft will discuss the collaboration. It looks to be in interesting talk on how they overcame production challenges and how their partnership created the game so many came to love.

BIG festival games

Finally, the co-founder of studio Playdead and newly formed studio Jumpship, Dino Patti will be there. For those that dn’t know, they are the developers behind the extremely popular games Limbo and Inside. He’ll be talking about his passion for content while also adhering to the fundamentals that come with building a vision driven studio.

It looks to be another exciting year at the festival with some fantastic talks, it will be interesting to hear how some of the smaller indie studios build highly popular games without the pull of a AAA title.

Will you be attending the BIG Festival this year? Let us know! It will be taking place in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro from the 23rd June through to 1st July.

BIG festival crowd

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