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Date: March 27, 2019

Becoming a top of the line chef in real life can be hard. You need the proper training and skills to prep the kitchen and send out the perfect dish everytime. Cooking Simulator has you covered when it comes to training you on becoming that top of the line chef. Having to be the Head Chef, and to play the roles of each of the members of the kitchen to serve the whole restaurant can be hard. But after learning all the necessary slicing and dicing skills of a 5-star chef, you’ll become the one that sends out a perfect dish each and every time.

Like in any game simulator you want there to be an aspect that will teach you what you’ll be doing during your game time. Some examples would Kerbal Space Program and Dayz. Dayz being that running simulator that explains how to run from your foes, and Kerbal Space Program is that game that teaches you to have to become that next lifeform that attempts to make it to space. Cooking Simulator sets you off in the shoes of a newly hired chef that must play the role of every position in the kitchen at a high-end restaurant. During the time you will learn how to make top end meals by following simple, yet tricky instructions when it comes to prepping the perfect dish.

With some neat and improving mechanics, Cooking Simulator will have you select a variety of dishes on your first day on the job. Including seafood dishes, steaks, plates of pasta, and many others to come. During that time you’ll be attempting to flip burgers and move around dishes as fast as you can make sure the customer isn’t left waiting. Although there are a few minor bugs to point out, Cooking Simulator still brings you that right amount of gameplay that will leave you wanting to make the next dish on the list to send out and hopefully get a tip for all your hard work.

With some minor visual bugs to point out, Cooking Simulator is still visually appealing when it comes to picking out every individual food product for your next dish. From picking out a bottel of ketchup or being able to look at plants that you can pick from, you’ll enjoy the new life Cooking Simulator tries to bring to play. In any Simulator game, you look for points that put you in the shoes of the character you’re controlling to ensure you get the full simulation aspect of the game. Cooking Simulator hits that point right on when it comes to making sure you’re the center point of making all the dishes.

Although Cooking simulator is in an early access mode at this point, the game still has enough replayability to come back to after every update to check out the new neat tricks you can do and the new dishes that you can make. Before the release of coming around May of 2019, we’ll see new mechanics that will leave you on the edge of your seat awaiting your chance to play the game again and again.

In the end, Cooking Simulator is a perfect example of an Early Access indie game with some bugs, but instead of releasing during this stage of the game the developers decided to fix these bugs before release. Because of that, Cooking Simulator is a must play simulation that brings a new way to learn when it comes to learning how to become a kitchen chef.

I can’t officially score this as it’s not released yet, but if I could it would look something like this…

  • Gameplay – 80%
  • Graphics – 90%
  • Sound – 85%
  • Replayability – 80%
  • Final Verdict – 84%

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