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Date: May 14, 2019

Harebrained Studios the developers behind the critically acclaimed BattleTech, have announced some new game features that will be released at the start of June 2019. The main features of the update known as Urban Warfare are destructible city environments, electric warfare, Battle Mechs and Flashpoints.

This update is all about combat in an urban environment, and will bring in new street features such as impaired line of sight, collateral damage and a whole load of new destruction. Weight up the pros and cons before jumping in, as floods, and explosions await. Through all the danger experience lost technologies, new Mechs, vehicles, encounters and flashpoints.

“Urban Warfare delivers one of the biggest ‘Mech combat player fantasies there is: Fighting it out on the streets and rooftops of epic sci-fi cityscapes,” said Mitch Gitelman, Co-founder of Harebrained Schemes and Game Director of BATTLETECH. “The truth is, we’ve wanted to build city combat environments and gameplay for years, so we’re thrilled to be finally bringing this experience to BATTLETECH.”

Key Features

  • Urban brawls introduce new tactical choices. With cities filled with destructible buildings, you can gain cover, or destroy buildings for a new line of sight. With abandoned explosive trucks, coolant exchange buildings and broken electrical transformers, there’s new ways to make the scenery work for you.
  • New Electronic Warfares. Electronic Countermeasures (ECM) shield friendly units from sight, while Mechs with Active probe’s reveal and locate hidden units.
  • Two new Mechs. The Raven 1X and Javelin. The Raven 1X is equipped with ECM’s and active probes. While the Javelin, trades speed and firepower with close-range attack.
  • New Flashpoints. More branching short stories, that link together conversations, special events, mercenary missions, and rewards.
  • Three New Enemy Vehicles. The Tank, fights at all ranges with speed and agility. The Packrat is a battlefield support vehicle equipped with ECM, and the Rotunda is a reconnaissance vehicle equipped with an Active Probe.
  • New Encounter Type. Attack & Defend is a tricky new mission type where you must destroy an enemy base before you are overwhelmed with attackers.

BATTLETECH: Urban Warfare is due for release on 4th June, but available for pre-order now at the SRP of $19.99 and is also available in the BATTLETECH Season pass.

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