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Date: September 9, 2018

Battle Princess Madelyn is your classic side-scrolling platform game with a whole hap of action thrown in. Now, the devs at Casual Bit Games are adding even more action with arcade mode. Sink your teeth into this fast-paced version of the game, adding a whole new playing experience alongside the story that you know and love. Check out the updated trailer below.

The trailer shows off the different play style to the normal game, featuring a whole lot more action. From the looks of things, the developers wanted the game to feel very old school. Taking you back to gaming’s retro roots, this mode is all about the fast-pace. Take down your enemies and avoid getting killed yourself. That’s usually how these things go, right?

Battle Princess Madelyn very much has taken inspiration from those old gaming classics. Anyone remember Blackthorne? I get the feeling that anyone who plays this game will very much want to step back in time to remember those gaming days of yesteryear. Perhaps with slightly upgraded graphics, but still playing on the style of those retro console games.

Arcade mode promises to showcase the story mode of the game but at a much faster pace. It also boasts a different level structure to accumulate to a more difficult play style overall. This is certainly not a game mode for the novice. It is clear the developers wanted to aim this at the veterans of such games to give them a new type of challenge. So, you think you’re up to the challenge?

This game will be available on all consoles and PC so be sure to get your hands on it when it arrives. You can play the demo now for free to give it a go. Be sure that we will be keeping an eye on this one when it comes out!


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