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Date: February 2, 2018

Aliens can get some pretty bad rap. Sure the odd ones might impregnate you and have their offspring burst out of your stomach. And sure, some may kidnap you for alien experimentation, but have you ever thought that maybe human beings are the bad guys in all this? Well Team Junkfish have in their sci-fi turn-based strategy game, Attack of the Earthlings.  The Attack of the Earthlings gameplay revolves around Earthlings invading you as an Alien species and it’s up to you to defend your planet against the Human invasion. All of this is served up with a liberal slice of British humour influenced by comedies such as “The IT Crowd” and “Father Ted

Attack of the Earthlings Gameplay Screenshot 1

Attack of the Earthlings Announcement Trailer

The people behind the large and powerful energy corporation Galactoil traveled light years to Planet X13. However, rather unfortunately they accidentally squashed the home of the Swarmers. Which angered them slightly, and now they’re out for blood. It’s these Swarmers that, as the player, you control. The Swarmers are a highly aggressive insectoid species, who use human flesh to change and evolve their units.

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It’s this form of evolution that you’ll use to destroy the human invaders, once and for all. Plan your attacks carefully, take the humans by surprise. Stay undetected and remain hidden. The more earthlings you kill, the more human flesh you can harvest, and the more units you can create each with unique roles and specialities.

The game also includes an original soundtrack composed by Mikolai Stroinski who is famous for his work on Vanishing of Ethan Carter, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and Blood & Wine.

Attack of the Earthlings Gameplay Screenshot 3

Due for release on February 8th on Steam, Attack of the Earthlings will hopefully the success of Team Junkfish’s first game Monstrum, which launched on Steam in January 2015. It received glowing user reviews and has also been nominated for the “Best Game” Scottish Bafta and “Best Debut Game” TIGA award.

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