Ark Survival Evolved Major April Game Sale And Events!

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Date: April 17, 2020

If you have been following updates on ARK: Survival Evolved you know that Studio Wildcard has been working hard to keep their servers stable in the past couple months despite the higher player activity. The developers have also been encouraging donations to non-profits and hosting in-game events with faster spawning speeds and higher reward outputs.

Well, the developers aren’t about to stop in April: this month brings the 5th return of Eggcellent Adventure, the tradition of an in-game hunt for the Bunny Eggs and Easter-themed rewards, as well as an epic 80% sale on ARK: Survival Evolved!

Ark Survival Evolved April Sale Steam Xbox Ps4

You can also save 50% on the ARK: Survival Evolved Season Pass that includes Scorched Earth, Aberration, and Extinction Expansion Packs. Buying the base game along with those expansions will save you 75% overall. So, if you have been considering trying the game out, now is the perfect time! You have until April 24th to enjoy these sale prices.

Studio Wildcard is also offering 60-70% discounts for ARK: Survival Evolved and its expansion content on XBOX One and PS4.

Now, aside from enjoying the festive look of the colorful eggs dropped by Bunny Dodos and Bunny Oviraptors wearing their adorable bunny ears, is there a reason to erect massive dodo pens and/or efficient dodo breeding facilities?

Well, you can exchange heaps of Dodo Bunny Eggs for Easter-themed skins and emotes!
You can get a Bunny Hop Dance emote, Carrot spear skin, Chocolate Rabbit club skin, Egghead hat skin, Remote Eggsplosives c4 skin, and hat skins for you and your dinos: Bunny Ears, knitted Chick Hat, Easter Egg shell, and a Dino Marshmallow Hat (so that your favorite dino can wear a cute fluffy dodo on their head).

These skins look both adorable and absolutely delicious! Oh, did we mention a full Bunny Costume for your Procoptodon? Who doesn’t want to ride a giant Easter bunny?

Ark Survival Evolved Easter Event Rewards Skins Procoptodon Bunny

Bunny Oviraptors will drop Festive Dino Candy which will randomly change color of your dinos and give them a speed boost.
Well, hey, you can chase after Oviraptors and their candy more efficiently this way, no? Color all the dinos!

By the way, you can crack the Bunny Eggs you gather for a chance to collect Chibi pets! The event also added six new chibi-pets: a Basilisk, Beelzebufo, Karkinos, Megalodon (floats in a bubble), Seeker, and a Chibi-Bunny.

And, on a little final note, the developers of ARK: Survival Evolved decided to encourage some Easter creativity among its community, continuing the last year’s tradition; whether painted with dye in the game or with paint in real life, the creators want to see ARK Community’s beautiful game-themed egg creations.

The Eggcellent Painting Contest will be going until April 30th and the winner in each of the two categories will walk away with $100!

Ark Survival Evolved Eggcellent Egg Painting Art Contest

Even though Easter itself is already over, players of ARK: Survival Evolved can continue enjoying the fun and festivities for the rest of the month.
What a better way to celebrate than to purchase all of the game’s expansions at a significant discount? Happy in-game egg hunting to you all!

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