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Date: March 22, 2017

If you follow the gaming world, you’ll no doubt notice the amount of “new” technology and software available. Well, here we have something very new indeed. The ALL controller. This piece of tech has taken into account that everyone enjoys playing on different platforms. From PC to Xbox to iOS; there are a multiple ways of gaming nowadays. With the ALL controller, you can play on all of them with one fancy gamepad. I know what you may be thinking: “Lots of platforms let you use the same controller”, well this is true. But, can you jump from playing on your PS4 to your PC in one seamless transition? Well, you can with the ALL controller.

The ALL controller comes with some interesting features. It has a built-in LCD display screen which allows you to switch drivers to connect with any popular gaming platform. You can connect via wired or wireless control as it supports both. It has built-in Bluetooth to allow you to connect to your phone so playing iOS or Android games is just as easy as playing on your console. It has up to 160 feet wireless range although why you would be playing that far away from your game I’ll never know. That being said, this controller can also be used for drones, so if you get bored of playing Ghost Recon: Wildlands and decide you want to fly a real drone, you can. Provided you own a drone that is.

It also has button mapping as a feature. This is more for the professional gamer but it is a good idea nonetheless. If you’re the type of gamer who likes to have certain buttons mapped for certain elements in the game, you can do that. Straight from the controller. As well as this, you can change the sensitivity on the triggers and the joysticks and you can even swap the joysticks to give you more control over your gameplay. That way you can play how you want all from the same place.

all controller phone mount
The ALL controller allows you to play on mobile too, both iOS and Android

I have to admit that this seems like a good idea. Being able to use the same controller for every gaming platform. However, I do see some downsides to it. Of course, this would only benefit those who are comfortable with a controller. Unless you are a console player anyway, it won’t benefit everyone. There may also be issues with drivers for some people. The controller claims to be able to connect to everything but with the release of new technologies happening more often, the devs will have to keep on top of this one. However, this controller has a lot of potential and it will be good to see if it truly is the masterpiece it claims to be. It is already being set up to be able to connect to the Nintendo Switch. I am hopeful that it will go far.

The ALL controller will be launching soon on Kickstarter. See how you can get involved and earn yourself an early bird discount by clicking the link  – ALL Controller Site

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