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Date: May 18, 2016

This morning I was emailed by Redbana , the producers of Aika Online about their latest update, which by all accounts is pretty damn massive and set to be released on 25th May. So it just goes to show that even though a game has been around for seven years, it can still keep hammering out the new content.

There’s a whole load of information on this below, in the rather handy and concise press release, but these are the Aika Online patch highlights.

  1. New Battle System – Rumble – a new pvp system
  2. New Zone – Asteria – a zone with new monster to hunt with a limited time
  3. Monster Level Change in Traband Field – test your skill with the upgraded monster
  4. Add Hell Mode for Cave of Lycan – Create a party and finish the hell mode dungeon
  5. Increase level to 99 for Character and Pran – new armors and weapons
  6. New Skill for each class is added – get the new skills for your class

If you still haven’t tried Aika Online yet, you can give it a go. I think, I’m going to have to give it a go.


“So in war, the way is to avoid what is strong, and strike at what is weak.” – Sun TzuThe Art of War.

Seven year old MMORPG game still flourishes in the global market; Aika Online is a battle MMORPG and known for its Nation to Nation endless war. It has over a thousand quests along with standard MMORPG features like dungeon-running and crafting. This 25th of May, 2016 Aika Online brings a big update to your PC that players will surely enjoy.

The story of Aika is set on the Continent of Arcan, where the goddess Aika’s creations live together, the fallen Zereca and the humans. It tells the tale of the human life struggling for survival against the Zereca. This month of May as the story continues; the Zeelant Forest rises, with the Councils of Lakia curiosity; they send their Traband troops to investigate the forest. With the unforeseen danger the Seukadi’s Eyes uncontrollable power increased the power of the monsters all over Traband and the relics lost their power. Realizing the danger that Traband had become the Lakia Council has finally dispatched the Elite Aitans to solve the uprising problem.

Upcoming Updates:

New Battle System – Rumble

Can’t get enough with PVP? Test your skill with the newest nation siege PVP battle.

Aika Online Rumble

 New Zone – Asteria

Enter the new map Asteria land that is specialized for hunting monster in a limited time.

Aika Online Asteria map

 Monster Level Change in Traband Field

Ready for a new challenge, battle with improved monster in Traband and finish the new guild mission.

Aika Online Traband field

 Add Hell Mode for Cave of Lycan

Wish you luck with the new hell mode for the Cave of Lycan dungeon.

Aika Online Hell Mode

Increase level to 99 for Character and Pran

Now you can level your character and pran to 99 and get the new set of items and equipment for you to use.

Aika Online Lvl99

New Skill for each class is added

Pawn your enemy with the new skill set for your character.

Conqueror: Last Stand

Inflicts physical damage on enemies nearby and adds extra damage in proportion to the user’s lost HP.

Aika Online Last Stand

Templar: Avenger’s Shield

Inflicts physical damage on enemies nearby and let them become sensitive to holy spells.

Aika Online Avenger Shield

Sniper: Destination

Inflicts physical damage on an enemy while completely ignoring its physical DEF by shooting it with a special penetrating bullet and adds an extra damage while hiding.

Aika Online Destination

Pistoleer: Wicked Timer

Attaches a special bomb on one target while inflicting damage depending on the number of its buffs.

Aika Online Wicked Timer

Arcanist: Abyssal Gate

By covering up enemies in a rage with the abyssal mud, this highly decreases their movement speed and inflicts continuous magical damage. Also this adds extra damage, responding to the enemies’ all buff effects.

Aika Online Abyssal Gate

Saint: Dixit Dominus

With the user as the center, using the holy power, this inflicts magical damage on surrounding enemies and stuns them for 1 second.

Aika Online Dixit Dominus

The continent of Arcan is waiting for you, come and join the bandwagon to destroy the new threat that is coming.

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About Redbana:

Formed in April 2009, Redbana Corporation is the global publishing arm of the leading videogame developer and publisher, T3 Entertainment. Redbana is among the elite interactive entertainment studios in the global market by offering high-quality and entertaining online games in the world, branching out with genres that appeal to a wide audience of consumers. Other games under the company’s banner are Audition Online, AIKA Online and Hellgate. For more information about Redbana, visit their portal site

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