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Date: May 31, 2017

Splasher is an action platformer developed by Splashteam and published by Plug in Digital back in February for PC, Mac, and Linux. Often drawing comparisons to games like Super Meat Boy, this Indie title’s fast-paced action platforming have made it a hit amongst the speedrun community and critics alike. Splashteam confirmed that  PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch versions are all under development targeting a fall release.

Splasher is set in a paint factory where you’re tasked with saving the employees from their evil boss. You’re armed with a splatter canon which grants you paint based powers like wall bouncing and sticking to surfaces. As you traverse this crazy cartoon world, all of these abilities combined with fast reflexes and timing will be pivotal in getting to the bosses office and putting a stop to his evil plans.Splasher screen shot

Splasher is beloved by the speedrun community for its “inch-perfect” level design. Splasher has multiple leaderboards and competitive modes, but it was the start of the #Splasherchallenge that led to many prominent Twitch streamers and YouTubers competing on the game’s world leader boards. As a result, Splasher has already been pulled into the line up for Summer Games Done Quick, one of the biggest speed running events in the gaming industry.

Developer Splashteam was founded by Romain Claude, a former game and level designer at Ubisoft. He worked on titles like Rayman Origins and Rayman Legends. He left Ubisoft and gathered a small team, including Richard Vatinel and Aymeric Schwartz. The team’s talent speaks for itself with Splasher; it still holds a 97% positive Steam customer rating.Splasher screen shot

I played Splasher for PC back when it launched in February and couldn’t get enough of the speedy platforming action. It more than scratched that Super Meat Boy itch and was coupled with amazing music and eye-popping 2D visuals. A portable Switch version may be enough to pull me back in.

If you can’t wait until fall to try out Splasher you can pick it up right now on Steam, either way, you’re sure to have a great time with this fantastic title.


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