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Date: July 21, 2018

Classic style gamers have something to excited about at the end of July. The classic game Flashback is releasing on July 31st in North America this year. Initially released in 1992 Flashback is considered one the best 100 games of all time. To celebrate its 25th anniversary of Super Nintendo version, Microids is releasing a Nintendo Switch version along a Collectors Edition.


Flashbacks story revolves around young scientist Conrad B. Hart who awakens on a colonized moon of Saturn Titan. Dr. Hart must find a way back to earth while avoiding dangerous enemies. Not only is getting back to earth going to be a challenge but he must prevent an extra-terrestrial plot that threatens humanity.

This latest version of Flashback will have new features added one of the main innovation is that players will be able to switch between the original classic experience or the modern experience. The modern mode will have a post-FX graphics filter, wholly remastered music and sound, a new rewind feature. Flashback looks like an attractive game for those who wish to try something new. I for sure want to get my hands on this especially with the new and improved features.

The Collectors Edtion of Flashback is worth taking a look. This edition includes a physical copy of the game, a retro style metal cartridge case, exclusive numbered metal card, a 24-page retro style instruction manual and a digitally remastered soundtrack of the game.

Flashback is releasing on July 31st, 2018 in North America for the Nintendo Switch.

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