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Date: June 16, 2015

Chariot Wars Racing Game Steam RomansIf you cast your mind pack a few days you may remember me posting about a Roman Chariot racing game called Chariot Wars. Chariot Wars is a racing game in which you pit your chariot against some of the greatest chariot racers of Ancient Rome for gold and the glory of Rome.

Well, good news. Due to the always impressive Steam Sale, you can now get your hands on this for just $3.99 or £4.74 for us Brits, which is a whacking 75% of the retail price.

In brief Chariot Wars throws all this at you…

  • Single player arcade racing including Championship and Time Trial modes
  • Exciting story told via a digital graphic novel
  • Levels set in Ancient Greece, Egypt, Helvetia and Gaul during day and night levels
  • Eight different chariot models
  • Male and female charioteer avatars
  • Multiple horse types to unlock and upgrade
  • Real-time 8 player multiplayer
  • Lobby, achievements and global leaderboard

If you want to know more, you can check out my awesomely magnificent post here, or head to the Chariot Wars official site here.

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