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Date: July 23, 2017

When you think of summer you think of warm sunny beaches, ice cream and barbecues. However, for some of us, it means playing lots of video games. Although, to be fair, any time of year is the time to play video games. If you are one those “I only go out to get food” types, then I have some great upcoming Steam games that you might want to consider this July. And, even if you do enjoy the sunshine, it might rain so consider these games for a rainy day. In no particular order, let’s see what’s hot on the Steam game list.

steam games dream daddy

I tried not to include this one but I couldn’t help myself. Although this game has already been released, I really do recommend it. Having only played a portion of it myself so far, I still recommend it. I know that this one has been on people’s radars for a while now. Having been produced by the Game Grumps, it’s not wonder everyone has been talking about it. And, I was pleasantly surprised. Make your daddy and play along to this lighthearted adventure as you try to cope with bringing up a daughter while finding true love. It really is a great game and has some brilliant humour to it. If you are looking for something relaxing and funny, then this is the Steam game for you.

Release date: Out now

steam games dragons twilight

If you like classic turn-based RPG’s in the ilk of Final Fantasy (the really old school stuff) then this one could be fun. You follow the party of Alvar, Landric and Valerie as they attempt to restore a fallen dragon to her former self in order to stop another dragon-god from destroying the world. This one looks very lighthearted indeed with all the classic feel of what a turn-based RPG should be. It promises to not have any annoying grinding or even random encounters. Not sure how to feel about that because that was part of what made these games sort of fun, if a little rage inducing at times. Either way, the art style looks great and could be a little bit of fun for one of those rainy days I mentioned earlier.

Release date: July 2017

steam games gunheart VR

Okay, this one won’t be for everyone but I needed to include it. If you are one of the lucky few to own a VR headset then this could be a great lot of fun to play with a friend who also owns a headset. Gunheart is a cooperative game and is also VR. Having yet to see anything like this, I have no idea if it will be any good. Visually, it looks stunning. Mixed with the awesome concept I am actually a little sad I don’t own a VR headset. In this one, you and your friend play bounty hunters trawling the galaxy for that ultimate epic loot. Along the way, you have to fight through hordes of alien enemies. I seriously would love to see how this one plays out but if you get the chance, you should definitely consider playing it. This one doesn’t have a specific release date on Steam yet, so best to keep an eye out.

Release Date: Late Summer?

steam games car mechanic 2018

Perhaps a bit different to some of the other games on here but I wanted to add it. Mostly, because simulation games have become increasingly popular over the last year or so. This one looks like My Summer Car except less tedious and more focused on making money. Start by buying a cheap rusty old banger, then, through your master skills as a mechanic, restore it to its former beauty and sell it at auction. Raking in the cash means you can buy better cars and make even more money. Sounds just like the real world, which is why I guess this is a simulation game. Either way, if this is your cup of tea then you’ll definitely want to jump on this band wagon.

Release Date: 25th July 2017

steam games pyre

One of the more serious games on this list, Pyre looks phenomenal. From the creators of Bastion and Transistor, we have a new adventure. A party based RPG where you lead a band of exiles across purgatory. Who gets redemption and who must stay in exile forever, that’s for you to decide. Honestly, I’ve had my eye on this one for a while and I am really excited to see it coming out this month. If it holds up to expectations, it really will be a fantastic game. Amazing visuals alongside a rich story and great soundtrack; who could resist? This one is definitely on my Steam wishlist.

Release Date: 25th July 2017

steam games darkside detective

Another from the classics pile this one is a pixelated adventure game. You play the intrepid Detective Francis McQueen investigating strange happenings in a strange town. A place where the citizens are too dumb to notice what is going on. You, along with your partner, Officer Dooley, must uncover the truth. With what looks to be an intriguing story built with humour at the forefront, The Darkside Detective is one of those easy going games that will have you chuckling at every encounter. You want comedy, then this is where it is at.

Release date: 27th July 2017

Those were the six games coming out the July that will be great for any great indoors man/woman. You can find all of the above on Steam so make sure to add them to your wishlist. What are your thoughts on this list? Are there any games I missed out that you are looking forward to? Let us know.

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