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Date: November 24, 2018

Another holiday, another Steam sale. Which means everyone’s wallets are about to get a damn sight thinner. So, we decided to swan in this sale to recommend a few games that are almost certainly worth your time.

Borderlands 2 is an iconic game. The Pre-Sequel less so, but it’s still an entertaining game. So, huzzah for black Friday because steam is basically giving away the Handsome Collection. This includes Borderlands 2, Pre-Sequel and all the DLC for both games. Now you can watch the rise, peak and fall of Handsome Jack, one of gaming’s most memorable villains. Not only that but you get to scream your way through the interior of Claptrap and a fantastical rip-off of dungeons and dragons. Bonus characters and customization add a spectacular number of options allowing for the most customized experience available on Pandora. Assuming you have Poker Night 2 that is.

When the word “serial” is uttered you think one of two things. Breakfast or murderer. Fortunately, in this case it’s neither. In serial cleaner, you are the janitor of the local crime syndicate and it’s your job to clean up the mean streets in the most literal sense possible. By stealing bodies and evidence from crime scenes and removing all the blood. Sneaking past the cops will be quite the challenge, but it’s always rewarding to see that floor 100% clean. Serial cleaner never makes getting caught feel bad either. Always making you want to come back and clean up that campsite completely. Fortunately, this game is available for a steal.

Standing at point-blank with a shotgun and missing the shot is great fun. XCOM 2 brings back all the entertainment of clambering to take out that alien you missed before he completely decimates the character you built up. Base repair and management also returns adding an extra layer to the strategy that can affect the game long-term unlike the short-term effects that build up over the course of many battles. War of the Chosen only adds to XCOM’s sequel by reworking the entire campaign, including new factions, units and special bosses known as the Chosen. With an extra DLC being free with War of the Chosen till December 3rd, this is probably the best time to get everything that XCOM 2 has available to offer.

Orwell is an interesting game. It presents a narrative based in a world where the government is watching your every move through a mass surveillance system. Fun. Good news though. You’re the fellow using the system. Hurray for using unwanted surveillance. Your first job is to track down a terrorist who blew up a bomb in a public area. The story involves a layer of mystery that keeps getting deeper the more you dig into the backgrounds of suspects. Eventually you’ll even begin to question whether you are doing the right thing. Osmotic ssudios did an excellent job creating the story of Orwell and its sequel and both are now on sale.

When it comes to co-operative games, communication is key. Especially when playing Keep talking and nobody explodes. The game is split into two segments. One, the player, who is trapped with the bomb and must relay what they see to player two. And two, the specialist, who needs to work out what “flashy bleepy light” means in short amount of time. These two parts put together make an absolute blast of a coop game that can be played in both a local and online using the online instructions. So, if you’re looking for some coop fun for Christmas, now is the best time to pick up this coop game.

Where these games not to your taste? Or do you have some recommendations of your own? Leave a comment in the section down below and tell us exactly what you think.

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