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From the ashes of atomic fire rose new factions to rule the wasteland, each with their own iconic locations to call home. The Minutemen have The Castle, The Brotherhood of Steel have the Prydwen, And The Institute has MIT. Now it’s your turn to begin forging your path in the Commonwealth with settlements!

Settlements are a key component in Fallout 4 that offer the player a means to let their creativity run wild by building up war torn ruins into beautiful homes for themselves and friendly NPC’s. They allow you a safe place to rest, re-arm, or otherwise just show off your artistic side. Whether it be a small village of wooden shacks, to a massive metal fortress with laser turrets on every wall; Fallout 4’s workshop gives you the tools to shape the wasteland to your liking.

The first settlement each player will encounter is Sanctuary Hills- The player character’s home before the war as seen in the intro phase. Fresh out of the vault, you can start building right away by finding the red workbench that is located at all settlements. After interacting with it you’ll be able to access “workshop mode” by holding down the button/key used to adjust your player view by default.

It is highly recommended that you complete the quest When Freedom Calls by saving Minuteman Preston Garvey and company from Raiders (and a little surprise toward the end of the quest) in the town of Concord down the road from Sanctuary. Doing so gives you the opportunity to unlock more settlements in the future by completing Minutemen (MM) side quests.

Afterward, Preston and the other survivors will make their way to Sanctuary Hills and begin the side quest Sanctuary. A character named Sturges will request numerous tasks of you to make Sanctuary livable for him and the rest of the new settlers you saved- such as constructing beds and planting food. This side quest should help familiarize you with the settlement mechanics that will be covered in this guide.

With each settlement you come across you’ll want to start off by gathering as much raw materials to build things as possible by “scrapping” them. Scrapable items can range from a screwdriver on the ground, to an entire building- the possibilities are endless! While doing so, be sure to scan the settlement for natural resources such as plants and water sources.

There are 5 essential components to creating a well-oiled settlement.

  • Food
  • Water
  • Power
  • Defense
  • Beds

The amount necessary for each of these 5 things is co-dependent on the number of settlers you have in each individual settlement. A deficiency in any of them results in low happiness among settlers which will be covered later in the guide.


An important factor in keeping many settlement components functioning smoothly is power! Several objects in Fallout 4’s workshop such as light sources, water purifiers and automated defenses require a specific amount of electricity to run. This electricity is provided by generators which can be found in the power section of the workshop menu.

Fallout 4 Generator With Pylons

All power dependent objects will display a lightning bolt with a number when trying to place it. The number indicates the amount of “power points” are needed for the object to activate. In the base game, the highest power output from a generator is 10, but can go up to 500 with additional options from the “Vault-Tec Workshop” DLC.

If (when) you come across a situation when an object requires more than 10 power points, You’ll be happy to learn that it is possible to combine generators with wiring and increase the power output! Using space by default, you are able to create a wire you can run between each generator’s built in conduit (pointy thing). Once you have enough power, simply connect a wire between your objects any of the generators and you’re ready to go!

Fallout 4 Connecting A Wire Between Two Generators

It is important to note that there is a limit to how far you can run a wire. You can extend the distance of your generator’s reach with the use of pylons and conduits by continuously running a wire from your generators between each pylon/conduit like that of a real-life power grid.

In regard to lighting, light sources such as street/table lamps aren’t powered by running wires into them. In order for a light to function, you have to utilize conduits which wirelessly power anything within a small radius so long as the conduits themselves are connected to the generator. You can get a feel of a conduits radius by moving a light source around it. If it’s within the conduits range, the item will physically light up but burn out if you’re too far.

Circuitry in Fallout 4 can be as simple as hooking multiple objects up directly to a generator, or a detailed system of pylons wires and conduits throughout your settlement- so have fun experimenting with all of the ways to power your home!


Like any living thing, you and your settlers need food and water to survive (and to be happy).

The most common ways to obtain food are harvesting fruits and vegetables from plants found throughout the wasteland, or simply purchasing them from a vendor. When planting the food in workshop mode, it will display the amount of food points it will give. Starting out most plants you’ll come across will give 0.5 points every placed plant. When building in Sanctuary, there are some plants by default around the neighborhood you can harvest.

In order to obtain water for your settlement, you’ll need a water purifier. Like food, water purifiers give different amounts of water points. These machines require power so make sure to build a strong enough generator to handle whichever size you build. In order to place the purifier, you need to find a water source around the settlement. in the case of Sanctuary, there is a river that flows beneath the bridge at the entrance of the settlement.

In the event of a settlement having no water source to place a purifier, the alternative solution is to build water pumps. These pumps can be placed on dirt surfaces and require no power or water source to work.


Congratulations! You’ve planted your first carrot. But wait, why isn’t the food meter going up? Well it’s because you haven’t assigned anyone to harvest it!

Besides food, there are several other objects in your settlement that will not function properly without someone operating it such as guard posts and vendor stalls. In workshop mode, you can tell if a resource has an assigned settler by aiming your crosshair at it. Beneath the description you’ll see a vault boy icon. If he is red, this means there is no one assigned to it. If he is the color of your HUD, it is occupied.

To assign a settler to a resource, simply aim your crosshair at the settler of your choice and hit the interact button. Then hover your crosshair over the object you want to assign them to and hit the interact button again. There should be a prompt telling you that the resource is now assigned. Be mindful that you cannot assign settlers to multiple jobs. For example, you can’t have a single settler occupy a guard post and harvesting carrots at the same time.


Many societies throughout history have collapsed over the years due to unhappy citizens; all the more reason to keep your settlers happy! The overall quality of your settlement can be determined by the happiness meter viewable in workshop mode, or by hovering over the settlement location on your pipboy map.

As previously stated, you must have a satisfying amount of food, water, and beds to match the number of settlers you have and to maintain happiness among the settlement. Having a shortage of either results in progressively lowered happiness until the issue is resolved. Some other ways that your settlement may lose happiness are from unsuccessful defense missions against settlement attacks and having a synth or robot such as Codsworth or custom robots from the Autamatron DLC as a settler.

If a settlement reaches 0 happiness, you will eventually lose control of the settlement and will have to do an arduous side-quest such as killing raiders in order to regain control.

Besides fulfilling the basic needs of your settlers, there are a couple of methods in the base game to obtaining bonus happiness points. The first method is building vendor stalls that provide supplies to your settlers from clothing to guns and meds. Be mindful that there are 3 tiers of vendor stalls; the third giving the highest amount of happiness points.

Having animals (such as Dogmeat) present in the settlement can also raise happiness slightly.

It is important to note that there are several more settlement items that can raise happiness only available in DLC packs such as Vault-Tec workshop that include objects such as soda machines and exercise stations!


You’ve built yourself a beautiful new settlement! All seems well until a band of raiders show up to ruin your day because you decided to shower them with flowers instead of bullets! In the words of late sci-fi author Robert Heinlein; “An armed society is a polite society.” So, let’s get started on defending your home!

It is important to note that the frequency in which a settlement is attacked is dependent on the amount of resources (water/food) are being generated there. This means your bigger more developed settlements are more prone to attack than a smaller settlement with little to no resources.

In the defense section of the workshop menu, you will find all kinds of goodies you can string up around your settlement Home Alone style flamethrower traps to missile launcher turrets! Ok, maybe those aren’t exactly in the style of Home Alone, but you get the idea.

The defense system for settlements is pretty straightforward. Like every other settlement essential, Defense has its own point system that affects your settlements happiness. When placing a defense object, you’ll notice the amount of defense points it can provide. While there are automated items that you can place and forget, some basic defense items that are mechanical require power and sometimes computer terminals to function.

Another means to defend your settlements is guards. You can assign settlers to makeshift guard posts that they will stand watch at all times. It is recommended to arm your guards to the teeth. While settlers will join in the defense of any hostile attack, your guards will more than likely be taking most of the flak.

Fallout 4 Guard


In the base game of Fallout 4, there are exactly 30 potential settlement locations throughout the commonwealth. Obtaining these settlements can be as easy as walking up to the workbench and activating the settlement while others may require you to do a quest, kill the current residents, or have certain conditions fulfilled in order to make it available to you.

It is strongly encouraged to actively complete Minutemen quests as they unlock a significant amount of the settlements in game. These quests will typically require you to assist settlements both old and new in things such as rescuing settlers or killing hostile entities.

Fallout 4 Sanctuary Hills

  • Size: Large
  • How to unlock: No requirements. Simply locate the workbench and begin building!

For Fallout 4 players both old and new, Sanctuary is one of the most popular “main base” settlements.

With a vast size, open space, bounty of natural recourses, and far distance from the war-torn area that is downtown Boston makes Sanctuary a very safe and appealing area for players to come home to after a long trek through the Commonwealth filled with blood, bullets, and radiation. If you are a newcomer to Fallout 4, it is highly recommended to use Sanctuary to learn and experiment with the vast amount of features found in the games workshop mode.


Fallout 4 Red Rocket

  • Size: Small
  • How to unlock: Kill the molerats infesting the settlement. No other requirements!

Located south east of Sanctuary on the road leading into Concord. There is a power armor station in the garage by default and a chemical lab in the back of the station. You can also find the iconic K9 companion Dogmeat here!


Fallout 4 Abernathy Farm

  • Size: Medium
  • How to unlock: Complete the quest “Returning The Favor”. If you’re feeling lazy, you can also just kill the Abernathy family residing at the farm.

Located south of Sanctuary Hills and Southwest of Red Rocket Truck Stop. There is a large number of crops here that you can harvest and plant in other settlements!


Fallout 4 Sunshine Tidings Co Op

  • Size: Large
  • How to unlock: Clear out the feral ghouls infesting the settlement or complete a MM quest

Head far south of Sanctuary over the lake. This is a large abandoned pre-war commune with plenty of open space to build. Watch out for the ghouls!


Fallout 4 Starlight Drive In

  • Size: Large
  • How to unlock: Clear out the molerats infesting the settlement or complete a MM quest.

Located southwest of both Sanctuary and Red Rocket. This bombed out drive in theatre is an ideal player base for it’s open space, large size, and natural water source in the center of the settlement. (Be sure to scrap the radioactive barrels contaminating the water first!)


Fallout 4 Ten Pines Bluff

  • Size: Small
  • How to unlock: You must complete a radiant side quest given either by the MM or the residents themselves. Or you know, just kill them?

Located east of Sanctuary Hills. There are some crops at this location you can harvest. The overall smallness makes this settlement more appealing as a farm or pitstop for the player.


Fallout 4 Graygarden

  • Size: Medium
  • How to unlock: Complete the quest “Troubled Waters” given by the robots or a MM quest.

You can reach Graygarden by travelling Southwest of Starlight Drive In. The main component of this settlement is a crop filled greenhouse filled with a large amount of crops that you can harvest. This is an ideal location to farm food. Did we mention that all the residents are robots?

While you can destroy the robots, it’s strongly discouraged. when unlocking this settlement, you’ll already have several resident robots available to assign to crops and other resources.


Fallout 4 Oberland Station

  • Size: Small
  • How to unlock: Complete a side quest given either by the current residents or the MM. Yes. You can kill them too.

A small railway checkpoint located south of Graygarden. With a small building perimeter, is recommended to build vertically if you decide to utilize this settlement. A small field of crops is also housed here.


Fallout 4 Hangman’s Alley

  • Size: Small
  • How to unlock: Complete a MM quest in which you’ll have to kill the resident raiders, or go there without Preston Garvey’s blessing and kill the raiders yourself. Either way, someone is dying.

A raider hole located in the Boston ruins southwest of Oberland. The premade fortifications make this settlement easily defendable, though it lacks much building space and natural resources.


Fallout 4 Egret Tours Marina

  • Size: Medium
  • How to unlock: Phyllis can give the settlement to you through a speech check about her late grandson. Or you can just kill her. You never really know if someone is a synth.

A river dock south of Hangman’s Alley with a clearly visible water source. A hermit named Phyllis is the sole resident. She believes she might be a synth.


Fallout 4 Somerville Place

  • Size: Small
  • How to unlock: Complete a radiant quest from the residents or a MM quest. Sorry Grim Reaper, but you can’t kill this man and his kids this time

A tiny farm run by a father with his children located south of Egret Tours Marina. It ain’t much but it’s honest work!


Fallout 4 Outpost Zimonja

  • Size: Small
  • How to unlock: Wipe out the raiders or complete a side quest for the RAILROAD faction.

A vertical settlement just north east of Ten Pines Bluff A friendly power armor clad raider and his raider friends live here. Why not go and say hello?


Fallout 4 Covenant

  • Size: Small
  • How to unlock: **SPOILERS** After entering Covenant, begin the quest “Human Error” by talking to Honest Dan. You have a choice to free or continue to imprison a synth named Amelia. Either results in unlocking the settlement. WARNING: if you free Amelia BEFORE talking to Honest Dan, you will render the settlement UNOBTAINABLE; even if you wipe out the settlers.

Amongst the ruins of the commonwealth southwest of Starlight Drive In is an ordinary gated community. With friendly smiles all around, delicious lemonade made by the local Mr. Handy, and absolutely zero dark secrets, this neighborhood is a perfect space for your player character to call home! …. Or is it?


Fallout 4 Taffington Boathouse

  • Size: Small
  • How to unlock: Kill the bloodbugs infesting the settlement or complete a quest from the MM or Railroad

A beautiful irradiated lakeside home east of Covenant. Make sure to bring some bug spray (or a gun) because the bloodbugs are out tonight!


Fallout 4 Greentop Nursery

  • Size: Medium
  • How to unlock: Complete a quest for the residents or the MM.

A settlement housing a greenhouse northeast of Taffington Boathouse. A perfect settlement to farm food and rest your head!


Fallout 4 The Slog

  • Size: Medium
  • How to unlock: Complete a quest for the local ghouls or for the MM.

A bombed-out swimming pool with some friendly ghouls working on their tan. The swimming pool makes for a good water source and area to grow tarberriers!


Fallout 4 Finch Farm

  • Size: Small
  • How to unlock: Complete the quest Out of the Fire, or a MM quest.

A small dysfunctional family farm south of The Slog. Watch out for random hostile encounters! A raider gang known as “The Forge” is close by.. and let’s just say, they really love eating BBQ.


Fallout 4 County Crossing

  • Size: Medium
  • How to unlock: Complete a side quest for the residents or the MM

Southwest of Finch Farm is- you guessed it. Another farm! This settlement houses a pair of settlers and tons of mutfruit crops by default. So get to harvesting!


Fallout 4 Coastal Cottage

  • Size: Medium
  • How to unlock: Kill the vacationing raiders or complete a Railroad quest.

A raider hole with a beautiful view of the irradiated ocean! Perfect vacation spot for the family.


Fallout 4 Kingsport Lighthouse

  • Size: Medium
  • How to unlock: Eliminate the “residents” of the settlement or complete a quest for the Railroad.

A settlement north east of The Slog with a lighthouse and a dock to catch mirelurks! After 200 years the lighthouse is still shining bright. You should go up their and switch the bulb out though.


Fallout 4 Croup Manor

  • Size: Small
  • How to unlock: Wipe out the feral ghouls (bring a lot of ammo) or complete a Railroad quest.

A beautiful ocean side manor South of Kingsport Lighthouse. Limited space and an unscrappable building limits the imagination for this settlement. But hey, it’s nice to look at and you can host all of your radiation raves here.


Fallout 4 Nordhagen Beach

  • Size: Small
  • How to unlock: Complete a quest for the residents or for the MM.

An actual beach house! (shack) A perfect place for farming and soaking up the radiation


Fallout 4 Jamaica Plain

  • Size: Medium
  • How to unlock: Wipe out the feral ghouls or complete a Railroad quest.

This urban settlement East of Egret Tours Marina not only houses a ton of feral ghouls, but also a legendary treasure! Can you find it?


Fallout 4 Murkwater Construction Site

  • Size: Medium
  • How to unlock: Clear out the Mirelurks and their queen

Located south of Jamaica plain is a bombed-out construction site located in a swamp. Be careful as there are a sizeable amount of Mirelurks roaming the area. Perfect settlement for misunderstood Scottish ogres.


Fallout 4 Warwick Homestead

  • Size: Large
  • How to unlock: Complete the quest Building a Better Crop for the residents or a quest from the MM and Railroad

Southeast of Jamaica Plain is a farm and water treatment plant managed by Roger Warwick (or is it?). Flat open space perfect for building and harvesting.


Fallout 4 Spectacle Island

  • Size: Large
  • How to unlock: Complete a Railroad quest and Eliminate the mirelurks and their majesty the Mirelurk queen (or king depending on level). Explosive would be useful in this situation. A lot of them.

South of the island is a boat you can take to reach this massive open settlement space where you can let your imagination run wild! But before you can do that, grab your fat-man launcher and get ready to fight a massive beast of a monster; a mirelurk queen!


Fallout 4 The Castle

  • Size: Large
  • How to unlock: Complete the Minutemen quest “Taking Independence” and the follow up, “Old Guns” to unlock the crafting stations.

The fallen base of the Minutemen north east of Jamaica Plain. It is occupied by Mirelurks and their queen. The Castle is a heavily fortified settlement with artillery pieces and a lot of open space to build. If you’re going to be king (or queen) of the commonwealth, you’re going to need a castle!


Fallout 4 Bunker Hill

  • Size: Medium
  • How to unlock: Complete the quest “The Battle of Bunker Hill”

The famous battle site from the American Revolution! Bunker Hill houses a large trading post attracting caravans and raiders alike. Perfect place to rest in the war-torn commonwealth.


Fallout 4 Boston Airport

  • Size: Small
  • How to unlock: Go through the Brotherhood of Steel questline or eliminate them. Tip: It’s easier to just go through the questline,

A small but open space to build at an airport. The biggest perk is you have power armored brotherhood of steel paladins protecting the surrounding area.


Fallout 4 The Homeplate Interior

  • Size: Small
  • How to unlock: Talk to the Diamond City mayor’s assistant, Geneva. She will give you the keys to the house for 2000 caps

A premade home in the jewel of the commonwealth for all you lazy players! Just kidding.  This is the safest settlement to be in within peaceful, synth free confines of Diamond City.


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