Skyrim Easter Eggs In ESO Featured

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
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Date: April 26, 2014

Skyrim Easter Eggs In ESO Featured

Yes Virginia, there are Skyrim Easter Eggs in ESO…

I don’t know what it is about Easter Eggs, but I like ’em. No, I’m not talking about the chocolate creme-filled eggs popular this time of year (though they are very good). I’m talking about Easter Eggs — the subtle messages and inside jokes placed intentionally in a video game by developers. Easter Eggs are not only fun to find, but they’re a way for devs to share a good joke with fans who are in the know.

A lot of video games have Easter Eggs, and the Elder Scrolls series is no exception. M’aiq the Liar is probably the best known example, and his appearances span from Morrowind all the way through The Elder Scrolls Online. Besides M’aiq, I’m happy to say that there are Skyrim Easter Eggs in ESO just waiting to be discovered. In fact, I stumbled across my very first one shortly after the game was released.

Holgunn Elder Scrolls Online
Holgunn was the source of the first Skyrim Easter Egg in ESO that I came across.

After completing the final quest centered around the battle at Vivec’s Antlers in Morrowind, I found my very first Skyrim Easter Egg. After giving the Coral Heart to Holgunn (the tough Nord commander rocking a convincing Nick Fury eye-patch), he exclaims:

Then Ebonheart is saved! We are once again in your debt. Maybe we’ll make you the new Thane of Whiterun. After all, they’ll take anyone!

Skyrim Easter Eggs In ESO


The Easter Egg is an inside joke that all true sons and daughters of Skyrim can appreciate, having fun with the fact that the Dragonborn is made a Thane of Whiterun in the main storyline quest after defeating the Dragon and absorbing its soul for the very first time. Mind you, the Dragonborn isn’t just “anyone”, and this makes Holgunn’s Easter Egg particularly amusing.

I’m sure the devs have just as much fun creating Easter Eggs as players have finding them. Tamriel is a very big place after all, and you can bet there are a lot more Skyrim Easter Eggs in ESO. Have you found any in your adventures? If so, which ones? Share the Skyrim Easter Eggs you found in the Speak Your Mind section below. Until next time fellow travelers!

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There’s a dog named after the main bad guy. Alduin.

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