elder scrolls online content

Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Content Type: Gaming News
Date: July 19, 2014

elder scrolls online content

New Elder Scrolls Online content is coming, according to ESO’s lead content designer.

During tonight’s Elder Scrolls Online presentation at QuakeCon 2014, Rich Lambert (Lead Content Designer) gave a sneek peak at some of ESO’s new content.

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New Elder Scrolls Online Content Overview

1) Grouping Updates

Lambert acknowledged that grouping in The Elder Scrolls Online can be tedious at times, and promised that fixes were coming. In addition, quests would be fixed to enable better grouping of players.

2) City of Ash

The City of Ash is a new, Veteran level dungeon that will be released in Update 5.

City of Ash

3) Dungeons

Dungeons will be improved in The Elder Scrolls Online in two ways:

  • Dungeon Scaling (in multi-player, dungeons will be scaled to the level of the group leader in regards to monsters, items, experience points, and gold; in solo dungeons, the difficulty will scale to the player).
  • Dungeon Repeatability (new daily dungeon runs, new passive skills, and daily rewards through Undaunted pledges will improve repeatability; Lambert promised there would be “awesome loot” available).

Elder Scrolls Online Dungeons

4) Craglorn

Improvements are coming to the Craglorn Adventure Zone, including a new crafting trait.

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5) Dragon Star Arena

The new Dragon Star Arena will offer four person group mini-Trials. The Trials will offer timed PvE encounters, and will be progressively more difficult. Dragon Star Arena will have leaderboards and two difficulty modes.


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